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It’s the weekend againcan operate with at 25 per cent capacity., the fourth one in 2021. The first couple of weeks have gone by so fast. One minute we were eating the 12 grapes and the next we are at the end of January. I am trying to reflect on what has happened these past weeks. So much going on and yet – nothing. I believe I was not the only one who expected that all would feel better once we got to change to a new year.

Last year at the same time my lovely Palma office was bursting with life. 7 work colleges working side by side to get the projects out to our clients. As a group travel specialist working worldwide, we never had a low or high season. Someone was always going somewhere. I remember I was preparing a very exciting special programme in Mallorca for a group of 10 lucky Scandinavian travel agents. We did these kind of trips a couple of times a year so the project managers that handled the big groups would feel more comfortable to sell the island to their company groups and know what to offer. To do that everything had to be tested, the airport, transfer buses, hotelsambulance services and supplies of medical equipment., staff, local guides and the excursions, restaurants and even the walks.

All in 72 hoursThose with rescheduled appointments will be contacted by email or phone., no time to waste. On this occasion the group was to arrive first week of February. My plan was to take them direct from the airport out in the countryside to enjoy some almond flowers and let them have a good picnic “pamboli” and let them try the Mallorcan wine from my favourite bodega. We were supposed to do a hike in the mountains from Deya to Puerto Soller, pitstop at the French Sisters in Can Mico for an orange juice and a piece of Lemon meringue pie, walk down to Puerto Soller where we would enjoy a mixed Paella and some Sangria at a sea view restaurant. There would even have been time to visit the now not so new but still cool Palma Congress Centre, and of cause play some golf in January. All got cancelled 48h before the arrival.

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If only we had known. A year down the line we cannot even meet up for a coffee in the same island. I’m sure we will be able to welcome our clients to Majorca again on a trip just like the one I just presented; however, it will not be this springThe COVID-19 B.1.429 variant o. It is a shame because I really miss that part of my work.

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