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China International wallpaper, fabric art and home soft decoration exhibition was held as scheduled a few days ago. Rouran wallpaper, as a leading brand in the wallpaper industry, launched a franchisee support plan while releasing new products, which attracted the attention of many practitioners and was popular on site

from March 13 to March 16, 2015, the 19th China (Beijing) International wallpaper, fabric and home soft decoration exhibition, an annual wallpaper industry event, was held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) as scheduled. Xiaobian was lucky to send a field trip to the exhibition to enjoy such artistic wallpapers

in order to avoid the peak period of exhibition, Xiaobian rushed to the new China International Exhibition early in the morning. Just entering the South Gate of the exhibition, what came into his eyes was "one paper one world", "soft, one paper one world". The theme words of good atmosphere aroused Xiaobian's curiosity and decided to interview her first. Following the prompt of booth number on the advertising booth, I quickly and smoothly found Rouran booth

Rouran wallpaper exhibition on-site advertising (South Gate of the new China International Exhibition)

Rouran group's "one paper, one world" billboard is eye-catching (the main gate of the South Gate of the new China International Exhibition)

just arrived at the exhibition hall, while the exhibitors have not entered the hall, they rushed to take an interior view of the booth, and saw a copy of this version neatly placed according to the series and the importing countries. Although things are small, it reflects Rouran's considerate and meticulous service to customers

Rouran wallpaper version is neatly placed on the booth

panoramic view of Rouran wallpaper exhibition hall (a large number of visitors queued to enter the exhibition hall, and the Rouran booth was instantly crowded)

as a leading brand in the wallpaper industry, ROEN Rouran wallpaper released the latest products during the exhibition, and also launched the most intimate franchisee support plan, "good products + good policies", which attracted many wallpaper practitioners to visit, consult and join

less than an hour after the opening of the exhibition hall, Rouran wallpaper booth has burst

franchisees who are negotiating with regional managers

it is understood that joining Rouran franchise stores implements regional protection policies, and many customers who come all the way to join Rouran by plane feel very sorry that they cannot join because there are Alliance merchants in their location after consultation, which is also one of the reasons why Rouran franchisees all over the country cherish the opportunity to join, Always adhere to the corporate mission of the headquarters: "committed to creating a beautiful home for customers"

foreign businessmen are negotiating the export of wallpaper in the Rouran international trade exhibition hall

Rouran exquisite wallpaper scene display 1

even the well-known Xiaobian in the wallpaper industry is deeply attracted by her. The bright colors, lifelike flower shapes, delicate lines, and continuous hand feel are so fresh and natural, which makes people full of reverie, and suddenly seems to be in a beautiful spring

Rouran exquisite wallpaper scene display 2

Xiaobian observed it carefully from top to bottom, from left to right. The huge wallpaper wall just couldn't find a seam. There are many wallpaper lovers who feel the same with Xiaobian, and some can't help walking to Rouran front desk for consultation. They all expressed their surprise and love. Savor it carefully. The exquisite leaf pattern is processed by deep embossing process, and the three-dimensional relief effect is very strong. Coupled with the treatment of gold, it adds a very luxurious atmosphere. Gold + silver, forever fashionable and classic

it is understood that after 20 years of accumulation, Rouran has completed the transformation from popularity and reputation to loyalty, and has become the only Wallpapers industry that has been the 500 most valuable brands in China for six consecutive years. The booth area is large, totaling 336 square meters. The most obvious location of the middle hall, combined with exquisite and unique booth design, surrounding multi-dimensional advertising, and European and American century old brand products from seven art countries in Europe and America, has become a necessary course for wallpaper industry practitioners to visit this wallpaper exhibition and the preferred brand to join





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