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Life changes with the seasons, and comfort is the true pursuit. Space, like divergent imagination, explores the infinite changes hidden in life

the Tucson Qinhuangdao exhibition hall is like the warmth of the four seasons, with the old flavor and youth like brocade, engraved the mark of elegance and nobility in life, so as to appreciate the fashionable charm of Tucson's overall woodwork

1 ・. Round hall

the elegant and atmospheric circular arc shape has a crush on people at first sight. The simple modeling lines calmly deduce the ultimate temptation of low luxury. The perfect integration of decorative cabinets and classical lights makes the round hall always present an extraordinary bearing

2 ・. The fashionable fireplace in the leisure hall closely connects American feelings with modern life. The wood veneer with novel structure, full color, exquisite craftsmanship, with vibrant green plants, personalized decorative paintings, and exquisite furniture, creates a romantic, elegant and pleasant living atmosphere

3 ・. Living room

the atmospheric decorative cabinet is integrated with the simple wood veneer to render a layer of fashionable atmosphere for the living room. With the creativity of personality and charm, combined with the calm and introverted colors, it presents a space visual effect that integrates changefulness and personality

fashionable decorative paintings and gorgeous golden chandeliers collide with a very rhythmic visual impact, just like the perfect encounter between modern beauty and American art

4 ・. The dark green color of the restaurant represents full power, giving people a comfortable and warm sensory experience

with simple and natural design methods, the restaurant perfectly integrates the calm tone with elegant and fashionable woodwork, creating a beautiful dining environment

5・. Bedroom

the warm bedroom design, the simple shape shows a fashionable temperament, and the warm pure color creates a clean and warm feeling. The embellishment of a crystal lamp makes everything pure and real, making the whole bedroom instantly active and emitting a very romantic atmosphere

6 ・. Cloakroom

the gentle and elegant cloakroom perfectly integrates the dressing table and cloakroom, integrates function and design sense, makes the whole space pattern light, luxurious and attractive, brings convenience to people, and interprets the ultimate taste of life at the same time

7・. Wine cabinet

wine cabinet adopts calm brown, elegant and solemn, with a delicate and noble retro feeling. The wine lattice with different shapes is more exquisite, creating a modern and introverted luxury and beauty texture. Coupled with wall lamps, decorative paintings, and strong wine fragrance, people can't help but slow down to enjoy a cup

8 ・. Study

the small corner of the study endows life with an extraordinary temperament. The dark green bookcase design shows a great sense of modernity and creativity, which is deeply loved by modern people

9・. Tucson's overall woodwork

the decorative cabinet made by Tucson has its own gentlemanly elegance, and its essence is more noble and elegant. The luxurious and elegant texture produced by the two constantly adds endless charm to the whole home life

assisted by gorgeous modern materials and metal elements, even the simplest design can instantly amaze the senses of the world





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