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With the continuous strengthening of national overall planning on building energy conservation, and the progress of post-80s and post-90s consumers' requests for housing quality and comfort, the energy-saving requirements of consumer malls for building doors and windows and the functional requirements of residential doors and windows are becoming increasingly prominent. Guanhao door and window editor believes that to ensure that the construction meets the energy-saving specifications, aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers need to improve the function and quality of their products

the potential of energy-saving door and window shopping malls is infinite

during the period when China vigorously promotes the industrialization and urbanization process, industrial energy consumption, construction energy consumption and transportation energy consumption constitute the most important three aspects of China's total energy consumption. It is reported that construction energy consumption accounts for 47.24% of China's total social energy consumption, and the potential space for building energy conservation and consumption reduction ranks in the forefront of the energy-saving service industry. Doors and windows are the primary part of the opening and lighting of buildings and the thinnest link of buildings. The energy lost through doors and windows accounts for 45% to 50% of the construction energy consumption and 20% of the total social energy consumption. Therefore, China's energy-saving door and window shopping malls have great potential

everyone has put forward higher requirements for the doors and windows of residence

with the industrialization of residence construction in China, everyone has put forward higher requirements for the function and quality of residence. Relevant experts pointed out that the doors and windows of the residence will be mainly carried out in terms of function, opening mode, window type and so on. The development trend of residence doors and windows mainly includes the following aspects: first, the heat preservation and energy-saving type. In terms of the function and function of windows, the energy-saving type of sealing, heat preservation and heat insulation is the first. The second is the push-pull upper suspension type. In the opening direction of the window, the push-pull doors and windows should be carried out first, and new middle suspension and upper suspension windows should be developed, which are applicable in rooms with energy saving and air conditioning requirements. Thirdly, it is floor ventilation type, and the balcony window is pushed and pulled to the floor. Not only does it add brightness and sunshine indoors, but it also strengthens the connection between the outside and inside of the room, expands the horizon, and is conducive to ventilation. Finally, it is a daylighting leak proof type, and the roof window is another new product that needs to be developed urgently. Pitched roof structure is a good way to keep heat, prevent heat and prevent leakage, and it is also a good way to make rational use of space and add living area

as the post-80s and 90s gradually become the main spenders of door and window shopping malls, the format of door and window shopping malls is also quietly changing. Under the backdrop of increasingly serious energy crisis and environmental pollution, the costs of door and window shopping malls need to be further changed. As for the current aluminum door and window manufacturers, the changes required by the cost also indicate that the aluminum door and window manufacturers need to make adjustments in the strategic direction. In the case of continuous changes in the competitive environment of aluminum door and window shopping malls, door and window manufacturers can go further only by analyzing the situation and mastering the future development direction of manufacturers




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