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For post-80s couples, a simple and elegant bridal home may be the best choice, especially the Japanese style small fresh style is the most popular. In the following set of cases, simplicity and the fashion charm of the city are integrated into the space, preserving the warmth and freedom of the home and interpreting the unique new home

decoration owner files:

decoration owner community: Poly Lafite (more poly Lafite decoration renderings) decoration area: 69 square meters decoration house type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration company: (decoration bidding) decoration style: Japanese decoration cost: 50000

the three colors of black, white and log are used as indirect interspersed collocation, so that the space has a rich visual level, but it will not be too complicated and disordered. Let the storage function and taste texture be taken into account at the same time, deliberately reduce the height of the tea table in the living room, and match the semi open master bedroom space division, so that the vision is broader and more transparent

living room design

design focus: TV main wall

editor's comments: create an enlarged visual effect through the material display of black painted glass

living room design

design focus: half height back wall

editor's comments: define a clear space division from the half height sofa back wall

living room design

design focus: space color matching

editor's comments: black, white and log three color systems, supplemented by neat and concise visual lines, interpret the charming charm of "new Japanese Light fashion"

living room design

design focus: feature software

editor's comments: make good use of corner light sources, match with carefully selected feature software, yuppie like life texture, so easy

living room design

design focus: roller shutter compartment wall

editor's comments: remove the original compartment wall and replace it with roller shutter, so that the space can give consideration to penetration and concealment

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Restaurant Design

design focus: folding table

editor's comment: let the main light of the restaurant be deliberately lowered, and carefully taste the charming fashion charm. The folding table arrangement makes the use of space more unrestrained





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