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With the high housing prices, it is really not easy to have a small home of their own. Modern people can't help but choose to live in a small house in the city, and often need to live in a small house. The following 40 square meter small house decoration effect picture shows you what a sparrow is small and has all kinds of internal organs. The simple and exquisite design makes a person's humble life very exciting

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community: Poly Xinyu (more poly Xinyu decoration effect pictures) house type: one bedroom and one living room decoration style: modern simple decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 40000 decoration company: Decoration bidding, decoration map

for a one bedroom house, you need to spend a lot of time to create a separate bedroom. The bedroom in the decoration of this small house type has become a highlight of the whole space. The bed is designed on the small leap floor, making excellent use of the upper space. This is equivalent to asking for an additional few square meters of space from the existing area. You can see that the bed is very spacious, and can even accommodate two people. The bedding is also specially selected in white, which is a good match with the white of the whole apartment and is conducive to creating a spacious feeling. The space under the bed is designed as a reading corner

put a sofa on the other side of the room near the wall, and a hanging TV can be set on the opposite wall, so it becomes a simple small living room. The choice of white cloth sofa for three people makes people cannot help but throw into their arms. The matching cushion patterns have different colors, which makes the white sofa bid farewell to monotony. The foldable small side table is used as a tea table, which is small and unique, and can also save space. The tea table is not only decorated with beautiful flower arrangements, but also the decorative paintings on the wall beside it are very artistic

on the whole, you will find that the planning of this small apartment is very reasonable. Putting tables and chairs in the right position under the bed is the dining area. The exquisite design makes all areas of the apartment almost in one space. But I don't feel crowded and messy at all. What you can see is atmosphere and nature. Take a look at the lighting of the apartment. The advantaged location to the south, coupled with the large windows, sprinkled the sun into it. It was early in the bright white room, making the whole room more bright and moving

white rectangular tiles decorate the bathroom decoration effect drawing as a whole, and the direction of tiles on both walls is different, which brings a rich visual sense to the bathroom decoration effect drawing. There is also a 90 degree fan-shaped bathtub design, which is arranged in the corner of the bathroom, which not only creates rich spatial functions, but also creates a very bright sense of space for the bathroom decoration effect drawing. The decoration of several ceiling lights in the ceiling design renders the bathroom bright and bright, and the countertop of the washstand is light yellow, and the sweet color on the toilet cover adds a romantic tone to the bathroom decoration effect. The narrow bathroom is also wonderful and fashionable

[introduction to poly Xinyu community]: Poly Xinyu is the third representative work developed by Poly Real Estate (the first brand of state-owned real estate) in the market after Poly Garden and poly Twelve Oaks manor. After the launch of poly Xinyu, it has won the honor of annual sales champion in the real estate market for three consecutive years. In 2009, Poly Real estate again photographed plots Ki, K2 and K3 of Mahu new village. Therefore, the total construction area of poly Xinyu increased to 1.3 million square meters, becoming the largest market in Wuchang! In 2011, poly Xinyu's sixth new product, Mr. Mark's new shore launch

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