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On September 13, the largest president training meeting in the industry so far - Lingxiu 2015 president training meeting kicked off, and more than 350 outstanding dealers from all over the country gathered for a three-day training

on September 13, the largest president training meeting in the industry so far - Lingxiu 2015 president training meeting kicked off, and more than 350 outstanding dealers from all over the country gathered for a three-day training

as the leader of China's high-end wall fabrics, Lingxiu embroidered wall fabrics not only strive for perfection in products, dare to be the first in marketing mode, but also spare no investment in the construction of sales channels. Seamless wall cloth is the invention of Chinese people, and embroidery is the quintessence of China. The embroidered wall cloth with two characteristics is the crystallization of the wisdom of Lingxiu people, and has been sought after and loved by Chinese people. The embroidered wall cloth industry is also booming under the leadership of Lingxiu people. However, Lingxiu people are not satisfied with the above achievements. Promoting the development of the soft clothing industry and promoting the integration of soft clothing is the new strategy of Lingxiu. In order to make extraordinary achievements on the road of soft fitting integration and provide consumers with all-round services of soft fitting product solutions, it is necessary to build a sales team with strong marketing and service capabilities and share the fruits of industry development with it. Therefore, the company pays more attention to President training

the course content of this training meeting is "the transformation of dealers into corporations", which was given by teacher Lufeng, who is known as the first trainer in the marketing of building materials industry and has many books on building materials marketing. The transformation of dealers into companies is the main problem faced by many dealers of Lingxiu in their rapid development. How to step from the original management to the corporate management, how to improve the management level and efficiency, so that they can stand out in the fierce market competition, become the leader of the local soft packaging material industry, and become a service provider of all-round solutions for soft packaging, is the goal of this training

the training adopts a grouping scoring mechanism. Under the leadership of the Lingxiu Angel group composed of 18 Lingxiu staff, all the staff are divided into 18 groups. In the three-day training course, they get scores through on-site performance and homework, and finally the winning group is selected

speaking of the Lingxiu Angel Group, it is well deserved, and its appearance has made people look sideways. The neat posture, the steps of soldiers, loud slogans, and neat and uniform actions all show the team spirit and strength of the embroidery leader. Yes, this is the "military parade" of Lingxiu people

affected by the atmosphere of the angel group, the students' enthusiasm for learning is even higher. The lecturer is experienced, and the lecture content is carried out in various forms, such as Q & A, games, homework, rewards and punishments, which are full of interaction, so that the students can complete their learning tasks in a positive, nervous, happy and active process. The on-site atmosphere is perfect, and the climax is repeated

as the training session drew to a close, Mr. buxiaohua, chairman of the company and chairman of the wallcovering Industry Association, once again set off a climax of the training session. President Bu made a brief summary of this training meeting, and described to you the blueprint for the future of the integration of collar embroidery and soft clothing, which won applause one after another

the training time is short, but deep feelings have been established between the students and Lingxiu, and between the students and the college. "We are all Lingxiu people. We should follow Lingxiu and Mr. Bu and work hard for our common cause!" This is the common aspiration of the students

through the efforts of all students and fierce competition, all students successfully completed their courses. That night, everyone attended the closing dinner with full positive energy and full family affection. At the dinner, all the students were no longer competitors in the class, but more a united family. The most wonderful part of the dinner is the "collar embroidery fashion show". The graceful and beautiful model wears the fashion made of collar embroidered wall cloth and walks on the catwalk. What attracts people is not the model, but the clothes! The exquisite embroidery, reflected by the light, shines brightly and is extremely beautiful. This is the collar embroidery wall cloth worn on the body! While enjoying the wonderful performance and delicious dinner, the scene was a harmonious scene, as if telling the promising future of Lingxiu

this grand event received high attention from both inside and outside the industry, and also attracted the attention of many multimedia. Sina home, SouFun, Huiya media, etc. all made on-site interviews on this training meeting

inherit and carry forward the embroidery culture and create the integration of soft clothing. Lingxiu has been fighting for it. And so many people care about and trust Lingxiu, so many people are working for the same dream, and Lingxiu is approaching this goal step by step. For the future of soft clothing industry, please see Lingxiu




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