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Ceramic tile is an indispensable material in home decoration, but ceramic tile paving is a technical activity. The quality of ceramic tile paving will not only affect the beauty of indoor space, but also save you money and worry to a certain extent. What are the precautions in ceramic tile paving? Next, let's learn with Xiaobian

1. Pay attention to the corresponding protection of finished products before tile paving to prevent damage to other items in the process of tile handling and paving; Such as the protection of windows, waterproof, water and electricity pipelines

2. If cement mortar is used to pave tiles, the dry base course should be watered first to prevent it from absorbing the water in the cement mortar too quickly, resulting in hollowing and delamination in the tile paving. However, if ceramic tile glue is used for paving, there is no need to sprinkle water

3. Check the foundation treatment of the wall and ground before paving to see whether the foundation treatment of the wall and ground meets or meets the requirements of paving tiles. If not, it needs to be rectified and repaired first. If there is no roughening, it needs to be roughened first

4. Ceramic tiles that need to be soaked in water should be completely soaked in water until no bubbles can be taken out for standby

5. Check the construction quality of the paved tiles after the tiles are dry and fixed and before the corresponding kitchen and bathroom installation

6. Pay attention to check the flatness and verticality of the tiles at any time during the paving process

7. The tiles should be pre arranged before the tiles are paved, and too small narrow lines should be avoided as far as possible. During the tile paving process, do not carry out pointing treatment, so as to avoid artificially causing uneven tile joints. The pointing must be carried out 24 hours after the tiles are completely dry and solid

8. When laying ceramic tiles, the cement mortar on the back of the brick should be full and uniform. If there is a lack of cement mortar on the back of the brick, it should be supplemented in time

editor's summary: that's all about the precautions for tiling. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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