The first industrial robot testing center in Shand

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The first industrial robot testing center in Shandong has settled in Liaocheng

the first industrial robot testing center in Shandong has settled in Liaocheng

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□ Fang is enterprise oriented and market-oriented. Xian Gang reports that Norbert robot has published 6 papers in core journals at home and abroad. Two six axis multi joint robots play "me and my motherland" together. On May 13, during the observation of Norbert intelligent equipment industrial robot project, the melody of "I and my motherland" played by two six axis multi joint robots in front of the piano was melodious... Norbert intelligent industrial robot project is an investment attraction project of Liaocheng City, and it is also the second batch of preferred projects in the new and old kinetic energy conversion project library of Shandong Province

2013, Liaocheng City held a promotion conference for attracting investment in Shenzhen. Yan Ming, chairman of Norbert intelligent equipment (Shandong) Co., Ltd., is being invited to participate. After the comrades from Liaocheng high tech Zone learned that he would invest in the construction of industrial robots in Jiangsu, they strongly recommended Yan Mingzheng to return home to start a business

after some thinking, Yan Ming is persuading the shareholders of the company to finally bring back the most advanced combined sealed Norbert industrial robot project in the world to Liaocheng high tech Zone. The Party Working Committee of Liaocheng high tech Zone arranges relevant principals to connect with the project and implements the project help package system. From the initial young crop compensation to the handling of various procedures, special personnel are assigned to take charge of it and take the initiative to help solve difficulties and problems

Norbert intelligent equipment industrial robot project, with a total investment of 568million yuan, is a key construction project in Shandong Province in 2019. After it is put into operation, it will form a production capacity of 3200 industrial robots per year. As a rising star in China's industrial robot field, Norbert has a certain influence in China's high-end manufacturing field. It is reported that Norbert has 62 national patents and 23 software copyrights, has participated in the formulation of four national industrial robot industry standards, and has built the first industrial robot inspection and Testing Center for private enterprises in Shandong Province

Norbert currently has an academician workstation, has introduced more than 20 domestic well-known professors and senior engineers, and has formed a large intelligent industrial robot production base integrating R & D, production, sales and service

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