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On the morning of May 29, the intelligent machine tool independently developed by Chongqing winoco Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was sent to Vietnam. This is the first intelligent machine tool "made in Yongchuan" to be exported overseas. Huanggangqiang, general manager of Chongqing winoco Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., told China industry news at the delivery ceremony that this is the first set of intelligent machine tool equipment to be wholesale overseas. Winoco will also have three batches of intelligent machine tools this year, which have practical meaning for users. A total of 70 sets of machine tools will be exported to overseas markets such as Italy and Vietnam

it is understood that the movable column vertical machining center of the exchange worktable independently developed by winoco intelligent Co., Ltd. is exported overseas this time. It is one of winoco's high-efficiency intelligent series machine tools and is protected by six patents. The equipment is used for machining small and medium-sized mechanical parts. It is the first column moving structure in China. The floor area of the machine is only 1/2 of that of the traditional machine tool. The efficiency is more than 2 times higher than that of the traditional machine tool, saving more than half of the manpower, and improving the comprehensive benefit by more than 2 times. At the same time, the characteristics of this machine tool make it more suitable to configure industrial robots to form an unmanned intelligent raw soybean oil manufacturing prototype tire production line, which has been produced in Goodyear's Lawton factory in Oklahoma, so as to achieve significant economic benefits of reducing personnel, facilitating management and reducing labor costs

the director of Chongqing winoco Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. disclosed to him that the intelligent machine tools produced by winoco adopt the new MQL technology of high-efficiency, energy-saving, pollution-free micro lubrication introduced from Germany, which not only brings ecological and health benefits, but also ensures high productivity. At present, MQL micro lubrication technology has been successfully applied to the intelligent machine tool products of the moving column vertical machining center system of the wernock exchange worktable

micro lubrication MQL is the abbreviation of minimum quantity lubrication in English. It is a complete system that mixes compressed air and special lubricating oil to reach the machined surface of cutting tools and lubricate and cool the tools

Director Ren said that the traditional cutting fluid processing has the problems of low processing efficiency, high energy consumption, short tool life, large amount of cutting fluid, large loss, high cost, difficult waste liquid treatment, and difficult environmental discharge. At the same time, the machine tool is corroded, and the workers' bodies are injured by leakage, evaporation, oil smoke and oil mist

compared with traditional cutting fluid processing, the main feature of the technical principle and advantages of micro lubrication is that it can directly inject accurately measured oil into the machining area of the tool, mainly through metal cutting for heat dissipation. The micro lubrication oil sprayed on the machining point is pure new oil, which is conducive to improving the quality of the workpiece, and the power required for oil injection is very low

the quasi dry processing technology obtained by micro lubrication technology can avoid the heavy labor of cleaning and drying machines and workpieces. So as to improve processing efficiency, reduce production cost, improve processing quality, save energy, comply with environmental protection laws and regulations, simplify production management, reduce potential safety hazards, and improve the working environment of "three modernizations" of plastic packaging: materials and additives

take the general medium-sized enterprises as an example: the annual consumption of emulsified cutting fluid is about 10000l, while the consumption of lubricating oil required for using MQL technology is 60L, which is conducive to environmental protection. At the same time, it can also improve the product processing speed, and the production efficiency can be increased by 15%; The temperature of the tool is more constant during the machining process, and the service life can be increased by at least 15%

it is understood that winoco intelligent company adheres to the model of "intelligent" with heart, and is "the first leading supplier of high-efficiency intelligent series equipment tailored in China". At present, it has won the honors of national high-tech enterprise and Chongqing technological innovation demonstration enterprise. R & D and manufacturing five series of innovative products, including the independent brand "winoco" vsc-50s/2 double workbench vertical machining center, double axis horizontal machining center and hmc-40/50/60/2 ", can improve the production efficiency by times, and has obtained more than 30 patents, which has a strong competitive advantage in the market

a person from the Publicity Department of Yongchuan District Committee of Chongqing told China industry news that winoco was the first intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise introduced by Yongchuan, Yongchuan is a leading enterprise in Yongchuan's intelligent equipment industry cluster dominated by the development of high-end numerical control machine tools in recent years. "The utilization of the above thermal insulation plastic building materials in buildings in the United States, Japan and other countries has been 10 points mature, and numerical control machine tools are the key development industry in Yongchuan.

it is reported that Yongchuan has issued" 17 policies to promote the development of high-end numerical control machine tools ", which plans to build a high-end numerical control machine tool R & D, production, sales The national new industrialized equipment manufacturing demonstration base, which serves as a whole, has an annual output value of more than 20billion yuan. Last year, the output of Yongchuan CNC machine tools accounted for one third of the city

at present, great wall, Qingling, Dongpeng, Liebherr and other major and high-quality projects have successively settled in Yongchuan, laying a solid foundation for rebuilding a "Yongchuan industry"

"the first set of intelligent machine tools made in Yongchuan has entered the overseas market, which is another practice of Yongchuan, creating a good start for more 'Yongchuan intelligent' to be exported overseas in the future." The source stressed that

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