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Promote the first intelligent underground cable line of ubiquitous power IOT to be put into operation

On January 10, the monitoring information of the country's first intelligent underground cable line was officially connected to the Nanjing cable lean management and control platform, marking that Nanjing took the lead in realizing 24-hour real-time unmanned inspection of high-voltage cable lines in China, with a response speed of "seconds"

China has accelerated the construction of smart cities and promoted the in-depth application of artificial intelligence in the future domain of public security. In line with the new trend of digital technology development, our province has accelerated the gathering of "new infrastructure" such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, and the supporting role of relevant basic data on the detection platform of medical equipment has become increasingly apparent. In the exploration of smart cable line construction, Nanjing power supply company has successively carried out 7 key technology research projects, including "tunnel multi scene intelligent system linkage technology based on edge computing", and completed key technology research at all levels. One of the technologies won the third prize of Jiangsu Electric Power Science and technology progress award, providing technical support for the construction of smart cable lines

the total length of the 220 kV Nanjing mohai line cable tunnel is 5.9 km. The project team starts from the 220 kV Mochou Lake substation in the West. It is expected that its partners will use compression molding, injection molding, machining and 3D printing to produce plastic parts, and ends at the 220 kV Ninghai Road Substation in the East. It crosses the Qinhuai River from underground. It is the trunk line of the East-West ring in the main urban area of Nanjing. After accessing the control platform, more than 800 sensing devices of 53 categories in the tunnel can collect information in real time, realizing real-time sensing, holographic interconnection, independent early warning and intelligent disposal of cable tunnel and line status. Through "man-machine coordinated three-dimensional inspection", we can inspect and find hidden dangers of equipment at any time, and effectively ensure the safety of urban power supply. It is known as "the first artificial intelligent high-voltage cable tunnel based on the concept of ubiquitous power IOT in China"

during the acceptance and connection, the expert group agreed that the 220kV smart underground cable line of Ning Mo line has strong demonstration and continuity, and has rich application scenarios. Nanjing power supply company, taking this as a model, has put forward an idea for the future construction of cable professional IOT, which is highly enlightening. (Huang Kun, liuwenning, he Jie)

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