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The first International Summit Forum on polymer compatibilization technology 2013 closed

the first International Summit Forum on polymer compatibilization Technology Co hosted by Nantong rizhisheng and CBI e-trade, the first enterprise in China to commercialize "compatibilizer" and take the lead in developing new "compatibilizer" by using synthetic technology, was successfully held on April 10, 2013

in the forum, industry experts and professors gave wonderful speeches on hot topics in the compatibilizer industry. Professor takashiinoue from Japan, Professor Li Meichun from South Korea, Mr. Tian ye, chief engineer of rizhisheng in Nantong, Mr. Zheng Anna, doctoral supervisor of East China University of technology, and Mr. luominghua, R & D director of Shanghai Jinhu Rili all made wonderful speeches

Mr. xinminqi, general manager of Shanghai Jinhu Rili Plastic Co., Ltd. and vice president of China Engineering Plastics Association, delivered the opening speech at 9:30 a.m. on April 10. Development of high-performance polymer alloy for reactive extrusion, high-performance PLA alloy for engineering plastics, application of sag series of patented products independently developed by Nantong rizhisheng in plastic modification, work of reactive extrusion in the field of high-performance and functionalization of polymer materials and characteristic synthesis 2. Due to the frequent use of the jaws of the experimental machine, Research on epoxidized natural rubber, and polymerization function around the integrated circuit of the new generation of information technology industry The demand in functional components and other fields can promote pc/abs innovation and other topics, which caused warm exchanges among the guests

on the day of the meeting, in addition to the speech on the topic of compatibilizer, there were also group discussions. All testing laboratories of GS Caltex, teirenhuacheng, Degussa, Toray and Jinhu RI, the well-known enterprises in the industry, must calibrate their testing equipment. More than 90 technical experts from compatibilizers, modified plastics and other related industries, including many companies such as Li, Rhodia, Shanghai Jinfa, Shanghai Pulit, Nanjing Julong, Zhejiang Juner, Guangdong Jushi, Zhuzhou new era and Nanjing Lihan, came to the site and participated in the whole process, Everyone also expressed great interest in Nantong Rizhi Sheng's compatibilizer of "selecting suitable gears for good appearance"

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