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The first intelligent assembly line in China's heavy truck industry was built by CRRC. From July 1 this year, the first intelligent assembly line in China's heavy truck industry was built by CRRC. On February 14, CRRC Shandong successfully won the bid for the intelligent assembly line project of China National Heavy Truck Corporation, which will be the first intelligent assembly line demonstration project in the construction of Huaibei Economic Development Zone in China's heavy truck industry relying on the Longhu high tech Zone. CRRC Shandong officially entered the business market of heavy truck production line in China

the truck company's assembly equipment is mostly semi-automatic pneumatic tools. The assembly of large bolts for heavy trucks produces a lot of noise, and the assembly quality cannot be traced. These problems will be solved by the intelligent assembly system designed and manufactured by CRRC Tonglida company, a subsidiary of CRRC Shandong company

at that time, CRRC Shandong company will rebuild the assembly workshop of the truck company. Not only will all the equipment be upgraded to electric equipment, which will greatly reduce noise, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and create a comfortable working environment for employees

more importantly, the whole workshop will realize full coverage of the network, and all tightening data can be uploaded, traced, analyzed, bar code scanned and automatically matched. Through the analysis and prediction of tightening data, it can also realize the early warning of common errors and maximize the assembly quality

thermal conductivity 0.020w/(m · K), dimensional stability 0.9% friendly reminder

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