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Dushanzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. independently produced high-grade metallocene polyethylene products for the first time. On September 10, Dushanzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. installed full-density polyethylene for the production of Qile high-grade building blocks and other toy products and packaging materials. The quality of line 2 products was qualified, marking the company's success in independently producing high-grade metallocene polyethylene products for the first time

metallocene products are suitable for a wide range of flexible packaging film applications, including shrink packaging films for bottled water, beverages, canned goods, hand sanitizers, detergents, health care products and skin care products; Pallet packaging of bulk goods; Agricultural greenhouse film medium and heavy packaging bags; All kinds of electronic universal testing machines for food and non food are a kind of composite flexible packaging film, which is a chemical product with strong market competitiveness, although the current market demand for PE in China still greatly exceeds the type of testing machine frequently used in India

as early as November 12, 2015, Sinopec alone successfully produced high-grade metallocene polyethylene products under the guidance of foreign investors, which is of great significance to fill the technical gap in relevant domestic fields and break the foreign price monopoly

the production conditions of metallocene products are very strict. In this production, Sinopec alone focused on the eight character policy of "quality, efficiency, safety and environmental protection". The flare discharge during shutdown shall be applied to the dispatcher in advance, and there is no disorderly discharge; Strictly manage the tickets during the maintenance process, and make an appointment for the operation items in advance; The workshop will use the morning meeting and evening party to discuss the operation risks, prevention and control measures and problems encountered in the ticket implementation process, and carefully implement the energy isolation. After maintenance, all bolts above M18 shall be tightened with torque wrench. The air tightness of the device is qualified at one time. The maintenance time is 6 hours ahead of schedule. During the start-up process, the technical personnel adhered to the whole process and the post personnel carefully operated to make the product quality reach the control target in the shortest time and reduce the production of transition materials

at present, the production line has a load of 38 tons/hour, and the production is normal

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