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Personalized demand in the door and window market has become the mainstream, and attention is paid to the reform of end consumption

the transformation of the home building materials industry means abandoning the old thinking mode and development mode and moving towards high added value. In recent years, the property market is depressed, and the consumption market of doors and windows is changing rapidly. Transformation has become the only way for enterprises to deal with the impact. If door and window enterprises want to survive in the transition period, they must pay attention to the five major changes, solve the development problem of the terminal, give the terminal a thorough "scratch", and re-establish a distinctive competitiveness

pay attention to the development and reform of the industry and grasp the "pain points" of consumers.

last year, the hottest words in the door and window industry were "e-commerce" and "Internet thinking". Some people in the industry are deeply worried about the practice of using "e-commerce" as a life-saving straw and a magic weapon to win in the industry. There is nothing wrong with embracing the Internet itself and building their own information platform system. The problem is, At present, the "Internet exploration" of the building materials and home furnishing industry has not brought "real value" to consumers. Whether it is e-commerce or Internet home decoration, the root of its development should be to grasp the "pain point" of consumers

starting from the pain point, give solutions and put yourself in the position of consumers, which is what the door and window industry lacks. The upgrading of products can not solve the core needs of consumers. What consumers really want is an overall solution, while the overall home decoration completely meets the needs of "one-stop service for consumers", pays attention to design and construction, and the door and window terminals should comply with the trend and make changes in time

pay attention to the transformation of end consumption, personalized demand has become the mainstream

give two cases to illustrate the transformation of consumption, one is the collective decline of bar, the other is the gradual disappearance of handmade furniture. Similarly, consumer demand also dominates the fate of the door and window industry. The change of consumption is "the change of aesthetics" and "the change of buying habits and using habits"; As the real estate industry moves towards the deep-water area, speculative housing decreases, rigid demand takes the mainstream, the tolerance of inferior products in the market will be lower and lower, and it will be more and more difficult for door and window terminals to win by low price and low quality, which requires door and window dealers to enhance brand marketing awareness

at the same time, personalized demand has gradually become the mainstream. In the past, when opening decoration companies, a decoration plan can be eaten for a year. Now consumers have become more picky. Good design almost told Chen Weidong that they can decide to make a deal. Therefore, both material merchants and decoration companies are changing tricks to please owners. Hougong Jiali 3000 people will be selected. How to match and combine various schemes according to the limited product styles has become a topic in front of door and window dealers

pay attention to the reform of business model and establish a complete set of operation mechanism

many dealers and manufacturers have a vague concept of business model, believing that it is the patent of successful enterprises and the world's top 500, and it is this kind of thinking that restricts the development of terminals

robots in the door and window industry can also help human beings deal with other things. They can adopt a mode similar to "a chain of building ceramics circulation", which is summarized as "deep binding, chain expansion, all channel operation, centralized procurement, and all staff joint-stock system". From the foothold of manufacturer relations, organizational structure, terminal channel expansion, procurement cost control, and human resource mechanism, a set of operation mechanisms have been established, So as to ensure the snowball development and growth of the enterprise

pay attention to the operation reform of stores and take the refined operation route

whether it is a mom and pop store or a company operated store, the improvement of operation efficiency means the increase of costs and the improvement of the overall quality of store salesperson

the first step of store operation reform is to "reform the boss's life", and the method is five words: "refined operation". What needs to be done for refined operation? Through the practice of stores, we find that we can start from the following aspects: 1. Personnel management: make store personnel more professional; 2. Store atmosphere Management: make the store experience stronger; 3. Event management: make the work of the store orderly and form reporting and data; 4. Customer management: three types of customers should be managed, namely "new customers who have arrived", "new customers who have not arrived" and "old customers". The improvement of operation efficiency must focus on the improvement of four points: transaction rate, customer value, customer flow, and execution

pay attention to the development and reform of channels. Sales software refined management

sales channels will not be easily changed, just like home appliance enterprises have cooperated with Gome Suning for more than ten years. Now they are still the main sales channels, so the rest is innovation and improvement

for home decoration channels, we should not only get rid of simple "interest cooperation", but also do in-depth integration. Stores also need to be equipped with professional designers for docking, so that designers can truly become "solution suppliers"; For residential channels, it is still the old routine of sweeping buildings at present, which is definitely not good. Plastic tensile testing machine tensile testing, we should explore more methods of "model housing marketing" and "site marketing"; For engineering channels, lithium iron phosphate materials have a broad market space in the field of start and stop batteries and passenger car logistics vehicles; In the passenger car market, 3-yuan and enhanced lithium nickel oxide (elno) materials dominate; As for active materials with higher specific capacity such as high-voltage spinel, the traditional marketing mode of drinking, gift giving and relationship also needs to be innovated. How to provide Party A with a more cost-effective decoration scheme and establish a perfect engineering after-sales service system will be the distinguishing point between professional and amateur engineering companies; For distribution channels, dealers should consider how to export high-quality "management talents" and "business thinking" to affect the steady development of distributors, rather than simply "add some supply cooperation"

conclusion: the door and window industry may continue to encounter various unexpected problems in 2017, but as long as there is "courage for change", "thinking for change" and "rapid action for change", I believe that the door and window terminal will usher in a real spring

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