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Personalization of variable data printing

variable data printing (variable data printing, VDP) is a kind of on-demand printing, which is often called personalized printing by people in the printing industry. VDP refers to that only one document layout form is designed in a printing process, but multiple printed copies of the document, each of which has its own unique personality, that is, the text, graphics, images and other parts of the layout of each printed copy can be different and can be changed at will, so as to print unrestricted, unique, targeted and targeted personalized products

seven stages of variable data printing

how to start variable data printing? Do you need to buy more updated digital printers? Is there a need for new production methods and new workflow

1) short print. Before processing variable data printing, short version printing with fixed layout information is carried out on the existing digital printing machine. Through this stage, the printer can check the product quality, grasp the approximate cycle and relevant information of the finished product, and let the salesperson know the price

2) simple layout change printing. At this stage, printers can learn how to deal with the simple change of layout information, and the concentration of the page industry can be significantly improved. It is also possible to have no customer database. Through this process, we will gradually transition to variable data printing

3) simple variable data printing. This process starts with the establishment of simple database information. Most of the contents of VDP products remain unchanged, but only slightly change in personal information such as name and address

4) customized printing. At this stage, the layout design is more complex, and the layout requires more variable content and a more detailed database. The personal information on the page should be strictly determined by the information in the database

5) commercial processing printing. This stage is generally used for business and financial printing. Personalized information content and customizable information content and synthesis of business or financial information. In most cases, simple graphics, tables and other information are directly extracted from the database to form a layout

6) completely formulated printing. This stage requires a high-level database containing specific and detailed customer information. The database is used to record specific text, graphics, images and more complex templates

7) automatic variable data printing. This stage is an automatic process. Data information is directly obtained through interconnection, and then automatically completed through a series of operations such as layout design, printing, post press processing, etc. To fully achieve the automation of this workflow, the terminal is required to configure corresponding software and hardware according to its own requirements

three essential elements of VDP

1) VDP business planning

in order to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises and increase market share, enterprises around the world are trying to attract potential customers and retain existing customers. Market executives in the enterprise sector pay more attention to sales than before, and enterprises are more willing to invest more energy in improving the effectiveness of market plans. Customers will pay great attention to this personal variable data printing product. According to an authoritative survey, customers pay more attention to this kind of VDP print than to radio and television advertisements. The production and sales of variable data printed matter are still very difficult, because VDP needs to be similar to the previous typical ones. I hope it can help you! The idea of paper printing is different. The VDP process must be explained to producers and customers in detail. New training is needed for printing producers, as well as relevant database management personnel, it personnel, sales personnel, etc., all of which will undoubtedly bring huge additional investment. Therefore, VDP products are relatively expensive

for printing producers, we can consider making it changeable on the basis of the original equipment. Look at the basic equipment currently used, and find ways to change the constant data page into a variable data page. The current customer source of VDP printers first focuses on evaluating whether the enterprise has the potential to use variable data printing products

to strengthen the contact with previous customers, market operators should be aware that people are most likely to cooperate with enterprises they know well, especially with good and continuous business contacts. In the initial period of developing VDP, we should focus on contacting old customers rather than developing new customers. Of course, we need to find new customers. If we only focus on existing customers, the sales channel will be much narrower. VDP has not made full use of the information in CRM (customerrelationshipmanager) database to realize the humanized market of variable data, which can be taken as the goal

2) database

digital technology provides great opportunities for market exchange. Today's printing enterprises are making huge investments in collecting information about customers and enterprises, which is to further contact customers. However, in addition to printing personalized direct mail leaflets and direct sales lists, customer information has not been collected to the greatest extent, and the amount of customer information needs to be further expanded

in addition, even with a large amount of customer information, printers only need to use these data to communicate with their customers. Compared with the valuable information in the variable data template, the database itself is not important, that is, how to highlight customer personalization is our ultimate goal, not just to mechanically collect customer information. Of course, establishing a database as early as possible can be used to produce effective and highly personalized printing programs

3) variable data page template

the fastest way to understand a variable data page is to start with a constant data page, and then try to identify and change the content that may need to be changed on the data page. There must be a large amount of suitable and available data to support the printed matter to be obtained. The variable part must be integrated with the entire data design template without destroying the overall design. Three key skills are needed to establish variable data pages: the matching of variable data with constant pages, the link to the database report that can provide the number of copies of "pressure supplement" depends on the material and manufacturing quality of the packaging bag, and the development of necessary enterprise rules. These all need the knowledge background of new technologies and new skills, such as graphic processing, spreadsheets and databases, and they should be aggregated in a timely manner at the same point. Look at the variable data, complexity, etc. in a page in a new way. All these form the attributes of creating variable data pages. Graphic information experts must consider these factors, starting with some of the most basic work

personalization is the inevitable trend of the future development of the world. Although variable data printing faces many obstacles, this new digital printing method will bring more returns

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