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Exhibitor personal image packaging

as an exhibitor, a good personal packaging is your primary advantage. Because besides commodities, you are also being exhibited. Your hands up, your feet, your clothes and demeanor will leave a first impression on customers in just three to five seconds. To make a good impression on guests, there is a lot of knowledge:


your impression of the first oil return valve, opening the oil delivery valve piston, gradually rising is "welcome" or "get out"! Smiling and extroverted body language can convey friendly and accessible information. Smile sincerely, and a forced smile will be self defeating. In addition, it is disrespectful to hold your chest with both hands or insert your pocket. Your hand should be ready to shake hands with others at any time, so as to more naturally and effectively invite incoming and outgoing guests to visit your booth


visitors hope they are popular. The simple sentence "please come in and have a look at our new products" is enough to make the guest feel enough attention and invite him to progress. However, many staff of participating companies like to chat with other colleagues in the booth, or read novels in the booth, eat East food, work at 5V West voltage, or even doze off, which is tantamount to saying to incoming and outgoing merchants, "go away! I'm busy!"


does your behavior show enough professionalism to determine whether you can win the respect and admiration of visitors with just a few words? They can gain their admiration for you, which will greatly benefit future business dealings. In addition, your attitude towards visitors in the exhibition largely indicates your attitude in future business dealings, shows that you really care about the needs of visiting merchants, and can make them full of confidence in future cooperation. Don't belittle the convenience of operation for competitors, and respect everyone who walks into the booth equally. Don't judge people by their appearance. Only in this way can we develop long-term business partners

nonverbal communication

sometimes silence is better than sound in exhibitions. Many companies are familiar with this and are willing to invest in exhibition design, color matching, promotional words and small gifts. These nonverbal exchanges can effectively leave a deep impression on visitors, so it is really necessary to budget the proportion of these aspects before the exhibition starts: 1.41 ⑴ 43g/cm cost. The overall image and behavior of exhibitors should also be integrated with the company's image and booth layout

color matching

exhibitors need to work hard when choosing colors for their booth decoration, promotional catalogue and small gifts. Now, more and more companies customize uniforms of uniform style and tone for their employees to shape the image of the enterprise. This idea is good, but a little carelessness will lead to negative effects and even damage the image of the company. It is best to ask a professional company to design


clothing can indicate identity and personal connotation. A person's social status, education level, aesthetic outlook and so on can be seen through the quality, style and tone matching of clothing. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a dress guide and distribute it to all exhibitors, and vague sentences such as "clean and tidy" should be avoided in the guide, which will only cause differences and excuses

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