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Personalized stamp printing, a new market for digital printing in this era of pursuing personalization, it is undoubtedly a very special experience if you can print your avatar or photographic works on stamps. Nowadays, the stamp personalized service business launched by the Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post Group Corporation will fulfill the stamp dream of ordinary people, and digital printing technology will support all this

stamp personalized service business is a personalized stamp business officially launched by China Post nationwide in 2002. Zhao Shunyi, deputy director of personalized stamp service center of China National Philatelic Corporation, introduced that the sales of stamp personalized service business has risen rapidly from the initial several million yuan to tens of millions of yuan from the pilot to the official launch. This year, driven by social hot spots such as the Olympic Games and Shenzhou 7 launch, the sales volume is more than 500million yuan, Among them, personalized Olympic stamps account for about 30%

with the progress of technology, the personalized stamp business in China has gradually entered the homes of ordinary people from the original major customers. The method adopted by China post is to provide specific special services for specific groups at specific times, such as the golden childhood for children and the golden list for college students. Personalized stamps have played a very important role in China's postal service system

unlike traditional stamp printing, personalized stamp printing requires high timeliness, so plate making and process technology are required to be fast, and digital printing must be used. In addition, the printing process of personalized stamps is to first print the main figure of the white ticket postage on the conventional printing equipment, then punch the perforations, and then overprint the personalized content with a digital printing machine. When stamps with perforations are overprinted, ink is easy to leak out of the perforations and pollute the stamps below, which requires careful selection of digital printing equipment

take the Fuji Xerox digital printing machine used by the Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post Corporation as an example. It prints flat patterns evenly and stably, has a wide color gamut, and the color gradient is natural and smooth. There is no ink leakage when printing on paper with perforations. When replacing printing live parts, there is no need to clean the drum. It runs fast, uses relatively less organic volatile and more environmentally friendly toner, and the equipment has low running noise and light self weight Small floor area has become an essential element

since personalized stamps are printed in the form of secondary overprint, more consideration needs to be given to cost control. Zhao Shunyi believes that because personalized stamps are usually printed in small batches, using traditional printing technology will produce high plate making costs, while digital printing can skip this process and greatly save printing costs. In terms of consumables, the Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post Group Corporation currently adopts the method of charging suppliers by piece. For example, Fuji Xerox adopts the full service mode, charging a certain fee to the Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post Group Corporation according to the number of pages of stamps. The Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post Group Corporation does not need to stock up consumables and accessories, which further saves costs

at the same time, due to the particularity of personalized stamp service, digital printing equipment manufacturers are also required to provide good after-sales service. Zhao Shunyi mentioned a detail: when the equipment was first introduced, Fuji Xerox's digital printing machine could not randomly adjust the overprint speed. After Fuji Xerox knew it, it immediately contacted the server manufacturer to change the process and settings of the software entering the large aircraft procurement system, and the overprint speed will be modified to be randomly adjustable according to the statistics of the business agency. In some large commemorative activities, the equipment needs to be transported by air, and the manufacturer also needs to send engineers to escort the whole process to ensure the smooth progress of printing

in this regard, Chen Meiyu, sales director of Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd. industry solutions division, explained that in order to fit the personalized printing business of customers, Fuji Xerox established a national industry solutions division on April 1 this year. 1. In order to replace the diseased vitreous body and treat retinal detachment, people use a variety of substitutes, such as air, normal saline, human aqueous humor, silicone oil, sodium hyaluronate, collagen Heterogeneous vitreous body filling, but the treatment effect is not satisfactory. The technical concept of aluminum alloy cable is emerging one after another, and the field of product utilization is expanding wantonly. Among them, some businesses are dedicated to China Post. In addition, Fuji Xerox has a technical team of service providers, which can customize some special applications, such as meeting and supporting the special needs of China Post. Key customer service can also provide multiple backup of parts, personnel backup, consumables backup and other services when business is busy

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