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Printing Market: personalization is the last word

although people still have disputes about how big the personalized printing market is, one thing is certain. The development of printed matter to personalization is a trend

as a lover of calligraphy and painting art, Mr. Wang has always wanted to collect his works over the years. However, he failed to do so because of the high startup cost when handing them over to the traditional printing factory. With personalized printing, it's easy. Recently, Mr. Wang realized this wish without spending much money. He printed dozens of copies of his works and distributed them to his relatives and friends in addition to keeping them for himself. The brothers and sisters of Lao Li's family work in different cities. There are few opportunities for the whole family to get together. As a result, Lao Li selected several photos of everyone and collected them into a set of postcards. He printed more than a dozen sets. Each set was kept as a souvenir to chat about his missing feelings. Xiao Wang and Zhao were childhood sweethearts. When they got married, they were original. They printed their wedding date and wedding photos on the invitation. Such an invitation not only expressed the host's kindness, but also fully reflected the host's personality. It can be kept as a souvenir. As an ordinary consumer, you may not be able to tell how personalized printing works. 6. The oil used in the experimental machine varies according to the climate of the region. But through these fresh consumption examples, we can know. With the progress of technology, personalized printing has brought convenience and changes to our modern life

with the improvement of people's living standards and consumption levels, there are a wide variety of prints required by modern life. There are annual reports of companies, a design manuals, product promotion leaflets, menus of major hotels, table cards, traffic permits, traffic signs, anti-theft license plates, greeting cards, badges, invitations, direct mail advertising lists, etc. some prints are only printed once, many of which are dozens or hundreds, Some people call such a small number of prints ultra short edition printing. The application of personalized printing will enable more enterprises and individuals to realize their dreams and win in the business competition. Personalized FM operation is troublesome. The rapid development of the printing market shows that people in today's society have an increasingly strong desire to show themselves, express their personality, and be innovative. This is also a symbol of social progress. According to relevant information, the first personal Postcard appeared in Shanghai in early 1997. In June of the same year, Beijing Dongcheng District Post Office business letter production center also opened this business, which attracted some stars, writers, photographers, businessmen and others to rush to print postcards. 700000 personal postcards were printed three months after opening. Personalized printing is widely used in our daily life. To put it simply, personalized printing can print at the fastest speed and in the shortest time according to the number of customers' needs. As long as you want. Personalized printing can be done

from the individual life of consumers to the cumbersome needs of commercial society, personalized printing can also be applied in a wide range. Only dozens of product sales bulletins, dozens of Design Institute tenders, several clothing design samples, a small number of CI design manuals, one to more than a dozen personal cards, etc. can be achieved through personalized printing, In the past, it was difficult to print only a few or dozens of prints at a reasonable price in a short time with the traditional printing method

although there are still disputes about how big the personalized printing market is, one thing is certain. The development of printed matter to personalization is a trend. As the guarantee of personalized printing technology, digital printing equipment is gradually emerging in the printing market over the years. With the reduction of the prices of digital printing equipment, color laser printers, inkjet printers and corresponding consumables, personalized printing will be closer to us

breakthrough of personalized marketing

no matter what kind of product, the market is the only truth to test the advantages and disadvantages. The so-called "different paths lead to the same goal", all products will eventually flow to the ocean of the market. In terms of marketing strategy, a product with appropriate price, in place demand and convenient purchase is a product that can really sell well and continue to grow. In the printing industry, facing the impact of electronic publishing and cross media publishing technology, the traditional printing market is shrinking, and on-demand printing is constantly becoming the mainstream of market demand. The number of prints is getting smaller and smaller, the printing period is constantly shortened, and the personalized and cheaper prices of prints force traditional printers to seek new business growth in the personalized market

from the perspective of marketing, the traditional printing method can only print a certain number of prints with the same content at a time, whether 1000 or 100000 copies. That is, from the first print to the last print. The graphics and texts on the above are the same. They are exactly the same. Such a large number of products without individual positioning cannot meet the needs of diversified markets. For personalized printed matter, graphics and text can be constantly changed according to the preset content and format, so that the first to last printed matter has different images or words. Each printed matter can be designed for its specific market object. At present, in the printing market, personalized printing is the fastest growing, on the one hand, because manufacturers have begun to consciously develop the target market for their target customers. On the other hand, because the end users of printed matter increasingly emphasize their own personality, the requirements for print quality are increasing, which promotes the promotion and application of personalized printing

push marketing, which is driven by suppliers. In commercial applications, such marketing applications are in the early stages of the user purchase process, and their purpose is to attract the interest of potential customers. The value of personalized printing is that it can provide more personal related content, which can attract readers' more attention than the traditional "everyone is the same" email method. Traditional direct mail began to use personalized digital printing technology. In the past, the reply rate of such emails was only about 2%, but after personalized printing was used to provide more attractive content for recipients, the reply rate increased by 10 times or even 20 times. This kind of personalized printing project is mainly to find sales leads, promote direct sales, establish stronger customer relations, promote and improve brand trust, and finally retain customers. At present, this marketing method has been adopted by automobile manufacturers and dealers, insurance and financial service institutions, medical and pharmaceutical, and even crop seed manufacturers and retailers

pull marketing, which is driven by customers. This type of personalized printing plan or project allows customers to ask for specific information about products they are interested in, so as to support the customer's purchase process. Readers have read the general materials and expressed their interest. Manufacturers further provide personalized documents according to the requirements of customers, prompting readers to take a further step towards making purchase decisions. Through the customer driven personalized printing process, manufacturers can also better understand and provide what customers want to know. Such personalized printing projects can provide customers with information about specific products or services in a timely manner at a reasonable cost, and can develop new market opportunities. It is very attractive to consumer product manufacturers, tourism agencies and digital printing suppliers

bill and transaction sheet printing, which is a data oriented application. Transaction documents include credit card bills, bank investment statements, etc. Usually, some or all of the data in the personalized form is filled in during the printing process. Personalized printing can reduce the process cost or manufacturing cost, and ensure the consistency of printed matter and the accuracy of content and data, so as to improve the communication efficiency of printed matter. Enterprises interested in this include insurance companies, banks and other similar institutions

data driven print to order (including partial print on demand), and printed documents or printed matter are sent directly to the orderer. Its value lies in that it can meet more emotional factors and more special personalized needs, such as printing personal photo albums or personal essays

when the market and personalized passion encounter

"China is facing new business opportunities to develop personalized printing market." At the "6th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition" held in Beijing in May, 2005, Frank Steinberg, senior vice president of Xerox, who made a special trip to China, was very optimistic about the Chinese market. The development of digital printing effectively complements and enriches traditional printing. Flexible personalized operation, casual switching and on-demand services expand printing to the whole society, families and even individuals. Stimber said that at present, 78% of full-color printing jobs are less than 5000. By 2007, 22% of color digital printing documents will require versioning and personalization: by 2008, the annual growth rate of the global on-demand printing market will reach 12%. This will be a huge and rich market opportunity

when it comes to personalized printing, many people will think that this is not to use the color desktop publishing system to design works with personalized colors according to their own preferences. In fact, this is far from the true sense of personalized printing. Printing should include three parts: prepress, printing and post printing. The application of color desktop publishing system makes the design from aristocracy to civilians. Personalized design is possible. But personalized printing is not only personalized design, but also a combination of design, printing and post printing. Obviously, only personalized design is not enough, because the traditional printing method can not implement personalized design into small batch of prints. The rapid development of personalized printing is mainly driven by market demand. An important trend of the market is the transformation from mass market to mass customization market and market segments. In addition, a more personalized one-to-one marketing model has emerged, and manufacturers become more sensitive to the different needs of different customers and respond more actively to the needs of customers. On the other hand, in recent years, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of relationship management. Relationship management needs to convey customized information to specific customers, that is, to emphasize communication with individuals. Personalized printing technology is also needed to achieve this

as a new form of printing, personalized printing, as opposed to traditional printing, has risen rapidly in recent years and become a new profit point for many small and medium-sized printing enterprises. In the commercial printing service market, there are many kinds of personalized printing, including personalized wallpaper printing, personalized double-sided window sticker printing, personalized menu printing, personalized label printing, personalized postcard printing, personalized mailing advertising sheet printing, personalized address label printing, etc. Service providers can provide "map selection, design, printing, printing address labels, mailing to the home" "The one-stop service of personalized printing can be achieved in one step. In the United States, personalized printing enterprises account for 8%, and this proportion will increase to 20% by 2010. At the same time, the annual sales of personalized printing will also reach US $9.4 billion.

in China, the huge market potential and attractive input-output ratio of personalized printing cannot be ignored. Personalized printing is mainly used in the business field and people's daily life and work, and its market leader It should exist in three fields: one is the e-commerce market. The development of Internet has laid the foundation for e-commerce activities. With the rise of e-commerce

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