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Mold design process (personal experience)

when we receive the customer's case, we first need to understand the customer's requirements (such as product appearance requirements, structural requirements or other special requirements) and communicate with the customer. Then we need to start analyzing the product to be made, mainly checking the draft and thickness of the product, Carry out shrinkable water treatment for some column positions and ribs (these are very necessary, which can reduce some unnecessary troubles in mold opening in the future and improve your position in the eyes of customers)

next, we will enter our theme - - mold design (the following is to carry out mold kernel 3D with pro/e, and then complete all designs in CAD, so we should consider the foundation of horizontal tensile testing machine)

1: rank the products (this will determine the size of the mold, and there are many things to consider here, mainly depending on your experience and the requirements of your company.) in addition to affecting the different hearts of the jaw (if CAD design is used, pay attention to mirror the product first, then shrink it, and then rank it.) ranking is better to achieve that the product is centered on all sides, In order to process the number later)

2: add the shrinkage rate (shrinkage)

3: determine the size of the mold kernel (not to mention more specifically, there are many references)

4: now you can start to make the parting surface. Here is your real skill. Not only the 3D should be used well, but also the mold structure is the top priority

5: if the parting surface is done, you can separate the mold, front and rear molds, inserts, and lifters, Rows can be divided here

6: the next thing to do is the runner, which is related to the production cost and product quality of the company, so we should think twice when designing

7: the following is the layout of the cooling water path and the placement of screws, The arrangement of thimbles (designed with EMX, here as long as the reference point is made)

8: when designing with CAD, I usually turn it into a plane after finishing the above work, but at the same time, the added value is also increasing. I put it directly into the mold embryo and then design it in CAD. The following designs are mainly CAD (many people may do differently)

9: when the mold rentu has, I start the design on the mold embryo, First, determine the size and form of the mold base according to the size and structure of the mold base (such as large water port, fine water port, etc.), impose a 20% tariff on the waste pulp, and then use the mold plug to call out the applicable mold base, and load it into the mold base (pay attention to the control of the layer and the color, so that it can be faster and easier to identify when the later part drawing)

10: lead the waterway to the mold base, of course, there are screws, and then draw slingshots, garbage nails, and top rod holes, When doing this in the main view, you should express it on the sectional drawing. Of course, there is no thimble. Don't forget to draw the nozzle here. If it is a fine nozzle, you will be busy. The nozzle pull pin, pull rod and shutter should be designed here. If there is a mold with row position, you should first design the row position

11: it seems that it's almost done. You can rest for 10 minutes. The next work is the support head and mold locking piece, There is also a prying mold pit that I almost forgot

12: a simpler mold is almost done here (just say the structural drawing). Start counting, and it is also an important link to check the correctness of the design

13: when it is done, start making the BOM, and put on the picture frame after it is finished. Needless to say, Fill in the title bar and check it again (at this time, I usually read it by myself and then adjust it to my colleagues (I can't see my mistakes sometimes). Well, first, make a group diagram, confirm it to the customer, and see that the customer is not dissatisfied. If there is a problem, change it quickly. If there is no problem, everything will be fine, and you can issue the parts diagram

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