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New favorite of beer fresh-keeping packaging: PET beer bottles (III)

11) SIPA company in Italy has developed a disposable pet beer bottle production line, which is produced from PET particles to bottle forming assembly line. The oxygen content of PET bottles is very low. Immediately coating and coloring, filling and capping the outer parts of the newly produced bottles can prevent the bottle wall from absorbing oxygen and releasing it into the products. The bottles reach super cleanliness, and also save the bottle placement site, sterilization and other processes. Moreover, the bottle color and coating can be recycled after being removed, and the clean bottle can be coated for use. The quality of beer in this bottle is ensured and the cost is reduced

12) the PET beer bottle coated with high hydrogenated amorphous carbon developed by the French sidane company has an oxygen resistance of 10 times and a CO2 resistance of 7 times. The shelf life of the product is as long as one year. It can be fully recycled. It has been approved by FDA for use and has been applied in France, Britain, Italy and other countries

13) the PET beer bottle launched by Sweden's tetrapa company is blow molded with 500ml grasrcin unique technology coated with a glass like silicon oxide thin layer on the inside. The inside of the silica coating is transparent and has excellent barrier property, which can prolong the fresh-keeping period of beer

14) schmalbach lubeca, Michigan, USA, produces pet/n/pet3 beer bottles. The bottle cap is an aluminum crown cap with PE pull ring from growncork, Japan. The cap is made of asphalt waterproof roll with seam peeling performance material gb/t328.20 ⑵ 007, which is only 25g, and can maintain the shelf life of beer for 6 months. Pet/evoh/pet3 beer bottles and PET beer bottles with 3-layer structure with deoxidizing material as shielding layer are also developed, which meet the requirements of environmental protection and can be recycled

15) Germany developed a low-cost Si02 coated PET beer bottle, which is transparent and glossy, and can be 100% recycled. It is used for filling beer, with a shelf life of more than 6 months

16) PPG company of the United States has successfully developed a gas barrier coating technology for PET bottles, which can be removed when waste bottles are recycled. The coating is composed of two-component epoxy amine. The thermosetting coating has toughness and moisture resistance. The coating thickness of 0.5L PET bottle is microns, and the barrier to oxygen can be increased by times. The use of the coating not only does not affect the transparency of the bottle, but also improves the gloss of the PET bottle

◆ pen beer bottle

pen is a polyacetic polymer compound in which the benzene ring in pet is replaced by the naphthalene ring. Because naphthalene ring has greater rigidity than benzene ring. Therefore, pen has higher heat resistance than pet, that is, large-scale manufacturing → large-scale customization → interconnected factories, and it is not the same as the more excellent installation position: but those installed next to the screw rod will have more accurate mechanical properties, better gas permeability, chemical stability and reliable health and safety than those installed on electromechanical devices. At present, its products have been approved by American PDA and come into direct contact with food. In addition, the processing formability of pen is basically the same as that of pet, so pen bottles can be produced by using the existing pet bottle equipment. Pen bottles can be directly used in 80 without heat setting treatment or multi-layer composite or surface coating treatment. Beer above C can be hot filled at high temperature, and its shelf life can reach 6 months

pen has become a new material that the international beer industry has paid close attention to in recent years. At present, the countries that have produced goods abroad include the United States, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Brazil and so on

Danish Carlsberg company began to use pen beer bottle filling in 1999, with a capacity of 380m1 and a weight of 36g. The appearance design is the same as the glass bottle of 330m1 beer. At present, 25million beer bottles have been used to hold beer, accounting for about 10% of the market share

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