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Electrical equipment: Policy repair industry pessimistic expectations on parity

Sichuan finance weekly outlook this week, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on actively promoting the work related to the unsubsidized parity of wind power and photovoltaic power generation. Affected by this, the electrical equipment sector has ranked second in weekly growth in recent years, 3.94 percentage points higher than the Shanghai Composite Index. Previously, the market had expected parity. The document issued this time clearly stated that parity projects have no state subsidies, but can enjoy local policy support, and are not limited by the annual construction scale. On the premise of removing non-technical costs, some regions with relatively high-quality resources have the ability to parity, and this part of the project will be the installed capacity increment. In addition, affected by the 531 policy, the decline of the sector is relatively high. The introduction of this policy has repaired the more pessimistic expectations of the industry. On the whole, the policy will accelerate the process of parity and ensure the steady development of wind power and photovoltaic. High-quality enterprises in the industrial chain are expected to continue their parity and further expand market share. It is suggested to pay attention to the shell weight reduction of high-quality targets related to the new energy industrial chain by 10%:

Tongwei shares, (,), (,), (,), etc

market overview this week, the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 1.55% because the deformation and elongation of the sample in the tensile test are not only within the marking line%, the electrical equipment index rose by 5.49%, 3.94 percentage points higher than the Shanghai Composite Index, and the new energy index rose by 3.15%, 1.60 percentage points higher than the Shanghai Composite Index

company dynamics (,) (300490): about the company signing major contracts; Shangwei shares (603333): 2018 pre increase announcement; Baiyun electric (603861): announcement of receiving the notice of work standard; Shenli shares (603819): 2018 performance pre increase announcement; Rely on Smart (300617): announcement of project winning; (,) (300286): release performance forecast

industry dynamics 1. China offshore floating project was approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology (Polaris power); 2. The available hours of wind power in Gansu in December increased by 20.63% year-on-year (Polaris power); 3. The first batch of wind turbines of Dongtai 300 MW project (Polaris power); 4. To meet the special needs of high temperature characteristics; 2. Develop PE and PP films blended with inorganic or organic materials; 3. Completely change the matrix material Yang intelligent to market (Polaris power); 5. Release 58.7gw renewable energy plan 2030 (Polaris power); 6. Henan Province announced the supply and demand of natural gas in December 2018 (Polaris power)

risk tip: the new installed capacity of new energy does not meet expectations, and the sales volume of new energy vehicles is lower than expected

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