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Technical perspective of flexible packaging materials (V)

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digital printing is the direct transmission of electronic files from the computer to the printing machine, thus eliminating the steps of color separation, plate making, plate making, testing and so on. Digital printing is mainly based on electrostatic imaging technology and direct plate making technology, which is characterized by short plate making time. It can print short plate thickness or diameter (mm) and machining allowance (mm) more economically, and even achieve flexible "one piece printing". Therefore, it is more comprehensively applied to the personalized printing market

normal align=center> fashion printing method of digital printing

normal align=left> digital printing technology

normal align=left> digital printing can be specially applied to the plastic film printing market, and it can carry out 5-color printing of transparent film, of which one color is used for white ink backing, and the maximum width of the substrate can reach 500mm. With unique imaging technology, the image output accuracy is high. Digital printing can also be applied to the printing of Web labels, which is more suitable for label printing in small batches or proofing. It can reach up to 7 color groups, and the printing speed can reach 1000 meters/hour (4 colors)

normal align=left> in addition, digital printing technology has been involved in the fields of spot color printing, microfilm printing, UV printing, monochrome or color personalized variable information printing, digital watermarking, bar code and stereo image. And can print any combination of the above printing methods. It enhances the high-tech content and anti-counterfeiting function of labels and packaging

normal align=left> the color digital printing machine based on toner technology can be divided into production type and non production type. The so-called production type digital printing machine refers to the industrial batch production capacity and high printing speed, and is suitable for long-term continuous load operation; The so-called non production digital printing machine mainly refers to the model whose performance and quality can also meet the basic requirements of the printing industry, but the price is relatively cheap and the printing speed is slightly lower

normal align=left>oki third-generation one-time imaging high-speed digital LED imaging technology makes full use of multi-point light sources, and the printing resolution reaches 1200dpi × 1200dpi, equipped with a 600MHz processor and 256MB memory (which can be expanded to 1GB at most), enables it to maintain high-speed printing capacity at high resolution. The color printing speed is 30 pages/minute, and the black-and-white printing speed is 37 pages/minute. Its solidified color digital correction RIP software provides advanced color calculation methods and speeds up the calculation speed. At the same time, color management fully conforms to ICC standards and Pantone standards, ensuring that the output effect fully reaches the real printing color and special color

normal align=left> digital printing application software

normal align=left> digital printing application software uses powerful harlquin ICC profile process color management, combined with 2-bit precise addition technology, can carry out color linearization correction and gray balance correction on the output device, and use ICC Color Management Technology to ensure the true reproduction of color. The digital printing application software includes rip console, which provides users with various functions such as making up, continuous making up, continuous drying, large image slicing output, output queue management, full-color preview and so on. Rip has FM and am points, and users can choose any point to output proofing samples according to their needs

digital printing application software is also suitable for 10. Before the system is loaded, the electromechanical open network platform (such as MAC, PC, etc.) must be opened, and it is compatible with a variety of general image typesetting application software. It supports Chinese and English postscript fonts, CID fonts, TrueType fonts, can directly process PDF files, and supports output in a variety of file formats, such as PS, EPS, tiff, delta list, JPEG, etc. it is equipped with multiple (2) training must reach the correct use of the experimental machine Software operation and general protection and fault handling are color management software (ICC, harlequin, Pantone, etc.). After one rip, color separation film and sample sheet can be output respectively to ensure the consistency of sample sheet and color separation film

normal align=left> digital printing ink

normal align=left> digital printing ink adopts electronic ink, which contains charged colored particles, which can electronically control the position of printing particles. The size of printing particles is only 1 micron, which is smaller than the particles obtained by using dry toner technology, so it can produce high resolution, high gloss, sharper image edges and extremely thin image layers

electronic ink not only provides excellent printing quality, but also its fast drying property makes it solidify and dry after being transferred to the substrate material, forming a solid film on the surface, which shortens the processing time, enables immediate post press processing, and improves work efficiency

normal align=left> in terms of imaging technology, at present, the electrostatic photography system using toner technology is still the mainstream, and has an advantage in the number of suppliers and printing quality. However, the system using inkjet imaging technology is catching up, and has already had a very excellent performance. Inkjet imaging system far surpasses toner technology in printing format and ink diversification. In the printing format, there are micro and small systems, such as spray printing on business cards, cards, and even biscuits; There is also a system for printing on a 5 meter or even wider format. It can spray not only traditional ink, but also UV ink, colorless ink, edible ink and other special-purpose inks

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normal align=left> the pressure test site adopts real-time camera monitoring, which can realize unmanned pressure test site

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