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Perspective of China's automotive special rubber industry: to improve the localization rate, we must strengthen research and development

with the development of the automotive industry, the demand for automotive special rubber is booming. At present, the localization rate of special rubber in China is not high, and it depends heavily on imports. Relevant domestic enterprises and research institutes are actively tackling key problems and making breakthroughs in some fields

then, what is the development status of China's automotive special rubber industry? What is the focus of R & D? How will we accelerate the pace of localization? This article analyzes for you

at present, due to the continuous improvement of automobile performance and the continuous increase of ambient temperature of automobile parts, the development and application of new high-performance raw materials with excellent oil resistance and high temperature resistance has become an important topic in the automobile rubber parts production industry. However, China's special rubber relies heavily on imports, and it is urgent to strengthen research to change this situation

there is a great demand for special rubber for vehicles

with the upgrading of the automotive market and the rise of domestic brands, China's automotive industry is in a period of gear shifting and speed-up. Vehicles have put forward higher requirements for the performance and quality of rubber products, and rubber parts need to significantly improve the heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance and other indicators

the rubber accessories originally made of general rubber can no longer meet the current use requirements, but must be replaced by special rubber

"special rubber for vehicles refers to rubber with the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance and high air tightness, which is mainly used in special occasions to meet certain special requirements." Said zhaohongguo, senior engineer of the third research center of Petrochina Lanzhou Chemical Industry Research Institute. It is understood that special rubber products for automobiles are important accessories for automobiles. The number of various rubber products for automobiles is not only the second, but also the high requirements. At present, each vehicle uses 400 ~ 500 special rubber parts, with a weight transmission of about 40kg (excluding tires), accounting for 4 ~ 5% of the whole vehicle, and its output value accounts for 6% of the total output value of auto parts

insiders said that special synthetic rubber for vehicles has excellent performance and has always been a favorite in the market with high prices. New technology has promoted the rapid development of special rubber, the consumption of special synthetic rubber for vehicles has increased year by year, and new materials of special rubber have also been continuously developed. At present, the consumption of special rubber in the automotive industry has reached 70% - 80% of the total consumption of non tire rubber products

most varieties rely on imports

because the varieties and specifications of special rubber for automobiles in China are relatively few, and the quality is unstable, and the process indicators are relatively poor, it can not meet the needs of high-end special rubber for automobiles. In particular, the high-end special rubber products used in some imported models cannot be produced in China and can only be imported

fluororubber is one of the representatives. It is understood that fluororubber is used in front crankshaft oil seal, rear crankshaft oil seal, valve stem oil seal, engine diaphragm, etc. of the engine because of its excellent properties such as odorless, non-toxic, non combustible, heat-resistant, oxidation resistant, oil resistant and chemical resistant. However, due to the rising price of domestic fluororubber, many users have to import from abroad. China needs to import about half of fluororubber products from abroad every year to meet the needs of the development of domestic automobile industry

at the same time, acrylate rubber and EPDM, as special rubber with excellent performance, are also imported in large quantities every year. It is reported that acrylate rubber can be used to produce dozens of auto parts, and has become a sealing material that has been emphatically developed and popularized by the automotive industry in recent years. It is mainly used to manufacture all kinds of skeleton oil seals, such as oil seals of crankshaft, gearbox, transmission shaft and other parts; Various heat-resistant gaskets, sheaths, rubber hoses, etc. It is estimated that the annual demand for acrylate rubber in the domestic automotive industry will reach about 20000 tons. However, because the acrylic rubber devices in China have not reached the economic scale, they are far from meeting the domestic market demand, and more than half of the acrylic rubber used to produce auto parts need to be imported

among the special rubbers for automobiles, EPDM is the most consumed type, mainly for the manufacture of door and window sealant strips, radiator hoses and other parts. The synthetic technology and product application technology of EPDM in China still need to be further improved, and the product quality needs to be improved. We need to rely on imports to meet the needs of the domestic market

research efforts need to be strengthened

insiders believe that there are three reasons for the serious import dependence: first, there are not enough new rubber varieties that China can produce; Second, the output of new special rubber in China is small, the production has not formed a large scale, the products have not formed a series, and the quality needs to be improved; Third, the research on the application of new rubber is not enough. Enterprises lack the awareness and ability to actively use new raw materials to improve product quality and production technology. Most of the research work still stays on the application of existing raw materials. To a certain extent, this restricts and affects the development of automotive rubber products in China towards high-performance

in terms of some high value-added automotive rubber products, in view of the problem of relying heavily on imports to meet domestic demand, China also needs to work hard on key high, precision and cutting-edge technologies. Develop special rubber for special accessories when you walk near some places of interest, such as special rubber for auto accessories with excellent high temperature dynamic performance, harsh service conditions and compression permanent deformation performance, so that the performance of rubber accessories can meet the requirements of automobiles

at the same time, through the introduction of capital, technology and equipment, the production of new rubber varieties will be large-scale, serialized and high-performance, providing a series of new rubber varieties with high output, good performance, stable quality and complete varieties for the production of automotive rubber accessories, and gradually getting rid of the situation that new rubber varieties depend on imports

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