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Packaging personalized trend analysis

packaging always takes it as its responsibility to accurately convey the connotation of products. New products have technology with a new estimated annual growth rate of more than 15%. Due to the existing process characteristics of stress concentration, packaging design is also required to make corresponding performance - that is, the change of visual form, the increasing attention of human beings to the earth's environmental protection and the improvement of the process level of packaging itself. The change of visual form in the new packaging design, in addition to retaining the unique characteristics of the original design, must be more personalized. This is closely linked to the trend of the times. People in the new era are more creative. When shopping, I will try to choose the new product packaging that I am interested in. Because modern people, especially young people, have almost the same characteristics: they love excitement, adventure and new things. After the packaging designer is familiar with these consumer needs, which good work of the high and low temperature impact testing machine should have some common characteristics that cater to consumers: in this way, similar products win the bid for innovation, use graphics or colors that have not been used before, and have more imaginative space from the shape to the structure, trying to improve the visibility of similar products, attract the attention of consumers, and achieve the purpose of promotion. Even consumers who have never used this brand, because they are interested in the graphics or colors on the packaging, buy it, use it, and make an impression. Maybe the next time I come to the supermarket, I will choose the same goods. In improving the design of its packaging, Coca Cola has changed from complex to simple and lively in form, from heavy to beautiful and straight; Patterns turn to geometric shapes, and concrete images are replaced by abstract images, which have visual artistic characteristics and strong expressive force in organizational structure. In particular, a rhythmic ripple is added to deepen the symbolic significance of this drink. Therefore, even if the packaging pattern of Coca Cola is printed on the billboard, the effect is unforgettable and beautiful* Eventually, the consumer group of Coca Cola has been continuously expanded

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