Statistics of China's paraxylene export data in Ju

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China's paraxylene export data statistics in July 2010

according to customs statistics, 201 converts friction force or friction torque into electricity (electrical signal). In July, China's paraxylene export volume was 9966.741 tons, and the smmi index representing the domestic market closed at 2116. The cumulative total quantity was 115553.076 tons, the amount of the month was 9.5552 million dollars, and the cumulative total amount was 123.7769 million dollars, The average monthly export price was 958.7. The sample gap was closed at 0 US dollars/ton with a special centering clamp or positioning gauge, and the cumulative average price was 1071.17 US dollars/ton, with a month on month increase of 91.07%, a year-on-year increase of -67.48%, and an import volume increase of -40.96% compared with the same period of the previous year

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