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King Kong upgrade - static evaluation of Lovol fr632d rotary drilling rig

King Kong upgrade - static evaluation of Lovol fr632d rotary drilling rig

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as we all know, Lovol fr630d rotary drilling rig has become a star product in the material development market by virtue of its excellent performance in the market, With the fierce competition in the piling machinery market, enterprises need to develop higher quality products to cope with it. In 2014, Foton Lovol heavy equipment factory pushed through the old to bring forth the new, and upgraded some existing product resources. King Kong series products stand out in the Jianghu. Lovol fr632d rotary drilling rig is upgraded again on the basis of fr630d King Kong products, with better configuration


the hardware configuration is more in-depth

Lovol fr632d is a reinforced drilling rig of the same level launched by the company. In terms of hardware configuration, we make great efforts to improve the technology and management level of relevant Chinese enterprises. Compared with the international level, the main winch adopts a rear arrangement, and adopts a double broken line drum, which is more reasonable. The anti rotation steel wire rope and double motor reducer ensure the winch's large lifting force, The service life of steel wire rope is greatly improved

Lovol rotary drilling rig in BMW exhibition area

Lovol fr632d rotary drilling rig

hydraulic and electric control technology of Lovol fr632d adopts Rexroth system and double pump confluence technology. The main winch lifting and lower speed are greatly improved, and users will obviously feel the improvement of construction efficiency

the power head adopts the configuration of 3 motors +3 reducers. Although the maximum output torque reflected in its model is 320kn • m, the actual maximum output torque is higher than this figure. In the circle of rotary drilling rig, 320kn • m is a relatively "wonderful" output torque. At the same output torque level as Lovol fr632d rotary drilling rigs, most of them are rotary drilling rigs with an output torque of 280kn • m, and most of these rotary drilling rigs are double motor + double reduction models. Compared with these rotary drilling rigs, the abundant torque output enables Lovol fr632d rotary drilling rig to easily deal with different formations, especially those with high hardness. At the same time, the power head has multiple working modes such as low-speed high torque and high-speed low torque. For different drilling conditions, the driver can choose the best drilling mode to drill according to the working conditions, and the rock entry efficiency can be increased by more than 20%

Lovol fr632d rotary drilling rig adopts the special chassis of Carter rotary drilling rig and is equipped with cat C9 turbocharged intercooled engine, which has strong power. The unique ACERT Technology (ACERT is the synthesis of a series of improved technologies, which is a comprehensive solution involving fuel supply, electronic control, intake management and post-treatment) makes this type of engine more environmentally friendly and efficient, in line with Tier3 emission standards. It has the function of automatic idling, which can effectively reduce the fuel consumption under no-load conditions. When the equipment acts, the engine will resume the speed before automatic idling. A manual idle button is set on the right operating handle, and the engine will enter the idle state immediately after pressing this button

structural design is upgraded again

strength improvement and reliable construction

① the reinforced mast is adopted, which effectively ensures the exchange of pressurization methods. The structural members are made of Hg high-strength steel. The bending, torsion and vibration resistance of the mast and luffing mechanism are greatly improved, and the failure rate is greatly reduced. At the same time, the drilling depth is increased, which can meet the needs of a wider range of construction conditions

② the strength of the power head is increased, and the shock absorption device is optimized, so that the drilling process is more stable, and the buffer effect can be played.

can effectively reduce the losses caused by users under non-standard operation

③ after sufficient market research and verification, the drill pipe has been reviewed and verified for many times where problems are prone to occur, such as the special design of the square head connection part, which can effectively improve the service life of the drill pipe

pressurization exchange at will

Lovol fr632d adopts the double pressurization mode of oil cylinder and steel wire rope, which can be selected in a variety of ways according to the operating habits of customers' drivers, making the operation more convenient

rotary locking device of the turntable

under the working condition of entering the rock, the swing of the upper part of the rotary drilling rig is very intense, which is also the cause of failures such as mast cracking. In this regard, Lovol heavy industries adopts a rigid connection between the chassis and the upper turntable to suppress the swing of the car, which is why it is widely used. When drilling into hard rock, the driver only needs to press the button on the handle, and the pin on the car will be stuck in the pin slot on the car. In order to make it more convenient for the driver to use this function, the designer installed a camera on the turntable, and the display in the cab can display the position of the detent in real time. The whole action can be driven by the driver alone. 4. The operator of shuangmo biological microscope cannot wipe the lens surface with cotton ball, dry cloth or dry lens paper in any case, which is very convenient

the center of gravity moves backward in a different way

as mentioned above, Lovol fr632d rotary drilling rig also adopts cat 336d crawler special chassis. The working conditions of rotary drilling rig and excavator are very different. The center of gravity of the whole rotary drilling rig is high and can be changed by luffing action. Therefore, the excavator chassis must be transformed before it can be used on the rotary drilling rig. Rotary drilling rig manufacturers often move the center of gravity of the chassis backward by moving the original counterweight backward, and then adding a solid metal block auxiliary counterweight in the empty space. Lovol fr632d rotary drilling rig also uses the method of moving the original counterweight backward to move the center of gravity, but abandons the method of placing the auxiliary counterweight of solid metal blocks, and instead fixes several thick steel plates with the same weight and the same section as the original counterweight on the original counterweight. This way is not only beautiful, but also makes the effect of moving the center of gravity backward more obvious. The empty space after the original counterweight is placed in the auxiliary hydraulic oil tank. While the auxiliary hydraulic oil tank acts as the counterweight, it also makes the space in the front and middle of the chassis larger, which makes the heat dissipation effect of the whole machine better, and also increases the maintenance space

technical guarantee safe construction

in terms of safety, Lovol fr632d has also done a very good job. The left and right tilt action of the mast has three levels of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical limits. The main winch adopts the upper limit mode, and the auxiliary winch and luffing and other places that need limit are equipped with limit switches. The cab adopts anti-collision technology to effectively reduce the risk of accidents. A proximity switch is installed on the left and right sides of the mast turntable respectively. When the mast tilts in either direction to the left or right beyond the limit, the limit switch will send a limit signal to make the piston rod of the mast hydraulic cylinder no longer extend, so as to prevent the mast from tilting too much. When the limit function fails due to the failure of the proximity switch, the limit block welded on the mast can also prevent the mast from further tilting, and the safety factor is very high. A rotary warning light and a buzzer are installed at the tail of the counterweight to remind the personnel around the equipment to stay away from the operation range

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