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Weichai develops new products to fill the gap in the high-speed power generation diesel engine market

Weichai develops new products to fill the gap in the high-speed power generation diesel engine market

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in 2013, Weichai acquired the French boduan engine company with a century old history. After digestion, absorption and innovation in recent years, Weichai boduan products have been expanded to M26 and M33 series, It fills the market gap of Weichai in the field of high-speed power generation diesel engines, especially the newly developed M33 series diesel engines, with many advantages such as high reliability and low emissions, which effectively improves the competitiveness of Weichai marine electric products in the market in the process of electrolytic production

m33 series diesel engines include 6m33 and 12m33 diesel engines. It is a high-power high-speed diesel engine independently developed by Weichai on the basis of the M26 series mature product platform in Bodeau, France. The development of this series of models fills the gap of Weichai kW power section supporting high-speed power generation diesel engines, and can effectively compete with foreign brands

m33 series products inherit and carry forward the advanced product development and design concept of M26 in bourdouin, France, benchmark the international advanced engine, and carry out a new design and development of various systems and structures of diesel engine according to the current mainstream design concept. In the process of product design, technicians adopted three-dimensional collaborative design, and made full use of the increasingly mature combustion analysis and calculation, CAE calculation and NVH calculation advantages of Wei (3) aggregate diesel, which effectively avoided all kinds of design defects, and product development focused on high reliability and low emission of products

m33 series models have compact structure, beautiful appearance, good maintainability, high power density in performance, low fuel consumption, good emission, low vibration and noise of the whole machine. It mainly uses supporting generator sets and ships for shipping. The application market is broad, and good social and economic benefits can be achieved. The future market can be expected

at present, the development of M33 series land-based power generation products of Weichai boduan is progressing smoothly, and a small batch will be introduced to the market in the second half of 2015. In addition, in order to meet the needs of foreign markets, M33 series electronic emission models are also being developed

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