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The families of the victims of the violent terrorist case in Shanshan, Xinjiang told the scene of the crime

early July was the season when the fruits and melons in Lukeqin town were fragrant. Although the impact of the serious violent terrorist attack on June 26 has not been completely eliminated, walking in the streets and fields of Lukeqin Town, people of all ethnic groups have gradually begun to resume normal production and life while denouncing the inhuman acts of the thugs

on July 1 and 2, in this small town on the east edge of Turpan Basin, I visited the people of all ethnic groups living here, and felt what kind of spring fatigue products were used to detect the coil spring of car safety belt, their pain and strength, as well as their vision and hope for future life

this newspaper/Zhang Lei halida Wuli

there are still traces at the scene of the attack

Lukeqin town has a permanent population of less than 40000, and there is only one main street in the town. The places attacked on that day are basically distributed on both sides of the street

the police station in Lukeqin Town, which is not far from the entrance of the town, is one of the places most affected. On July 2, when I came to the police station, I could still see pieces of smoke stains blackened by fire on the wall, and the periphery of the whole building was surrounded by blue iron sheets. According to nearby residents, on the morning of June 26, the place was violently attacked by rioters, and police cars were burned, with flames and smoke. Afterwards, the police station was slightly renovated and continued to be used

the adjacent town government and the special patrol squadron were also severely attacked on the same day. Entering the town government courtyard, it has returned to normal, and the staff and the stability maintenance armed police are busy in an orderly manner. However, the building of the special patrol squadron has been out of service and surrounded by iron sheets. From the gap, it can be seen that the glass doors and windows of the building are full of holes left after smashing, and the wall is dotted with black burns, which looks like it was hit by a burning bottle

that morning, after knowing the accident, I immediately drove my wife and children to Shanshan county. When I came back the next afternoon, I saw the yard of the special patrol squadron surrounded. I haven't seen anyone go in and out here since then. The owner of an aquatic seasoning store separated from the special patrol squadron said. The shopkeeper, who asked not to be named, said that on weekdays, the special police next door often go to their stores to buy mineral water, drinks, cigarettes and other items. They are basically Uighurs, a group of very good guys

I visited many times along the street and learned that the industrial and commercial offices and some stores in Lukeqin town were also attacked to varying degrees, but now they have resumed normal work and business

the bereaved families are in great grief.

July 1 is the 47th birthday of Ahmad tinimar, a resident of lukqin town. The day when the family should be reunited and celebrated was shrouded in lingering sadness. Mahmoud janimar, the younger brother of Ahmadinejad, died in the attack, and the family was busy organizing the funeral

Ahmed tinimar and his brother jointly run the solidarity Hotel on the street. The two brothers do business, farm land and feed a family of more than three generations. On the morning of June 26, the two brothers slept on the makeshift bed in the yard as usual, looking at the shop and waiting for customers. However, the noise at the gate woke them up from their sleep

aihemati's eldest son parhati aihemati told me about the scene at that time: the small door of the hotel yard was open 24 hours. At about 6:00 a.m., someone suddenly screamed and broke in. I saw that the boss of the nearby store was being chased and hacked by the mob. My uncle went up to stop him and was directly hacked to the ground. They chased and hacked my father, but my father ran away and hid. At this time, the cousin who slept in the room pushed the test parts out of the unit. After hearing the sound, he ran out to save my uncle. The mob cut his cousin's arm several times. After the mob left, two of the three people who were hacked have been killed, and only the cousin of parhati aihemati survived. My favorite little son left like this. Now I can't sleep every day, and I always think he will come back. The 71 year old mother of the victim Maimai tijanimar sat on the bed with swollen eyes and said stunned

the murder of maimaimaiti janimar put this big family, which was originally rich, into trouble for a time. In the past, our family mainly depended on my father and uncle to work, but now my uncle is gone all of a sudden. Before we finish talking, tears have been swirling in the eyes of 24-year-old parhati aimaiti

the town gradually restored tranquility

on July 2, a whole week has passed since the case. Although the sadness and worry have not yet completely dissipated, the people of all ethnic groups in Lukeqin town have resolutely resumed production and life, and the town is returning to its former tranquility and prosperity

in a agricultural materials store opposite the government of Lukeqin Town, the store advocated that the boss sit behind his desk and drink tea leisurely. At the side of the square table, his friends Meng Xiantao, Li Tifu and the clerk alimi Tiwu layin were sitting around. The three were playing cards. I have been friends for decades. I often get together to play in my spare time. Meng Xiantao is a large grower. He has planted more than 200 mu of grapes and uses a large amount of agricultural materials. He often patronizes boss Zhang's agricultural materials store with his old friend Li Tifu. After the incident on June 26, they remained the same

under the leadership of boss Zhang, we came to the Vineyard a few kilometers away, where the first crop of grapes has begun to harvest. Buyers from other places are loading farmers' grapes when the indenter is axially displaced by 1 unit (0.002mm) into trucks

the tricycle of grape grower Ali amuti was full of grapes picked that day, and stopped under the shade of the tree to wait for the truck to be moved to the side. In the past three days, I have sold 3000 kilograms of grapes for more than 10000 yuan. The price is similar to that of last year. Many bosses have come to me to buy grapes these days. Said Ali amuti

Sun Tao, a buyer from Shenyang, sat under a tree and watched the truck slowly fill boxes of grapes, with a satisfied smile on his face. It has been five or six years. I come to Lukeqin to harvest grapes at this time of year. I arrived in Urumqi by plane on June 26 and arrived here the next day. Sun Tao said in Northeast China that he bought grapes worth more than 8.4 million yuan last year and shipped them to Shenyang for wholesale, making a lot of money. The grapes here have good taste and sell well in Northeast China

talking about the violent terrorist attacks not long ago, Sun Tao said bluntly that he was not worried at all. Those people were confused. The conditions in Lukeqin town were so good, and the lives of the people were also very good. Why not live in peace

according to the mayor of Lukeqin town abudurehemen Wufu, the grape planting area of Lukeqin town is more than 35000 mu. At present, grapes in various villages are listed one after another. Affected by violent terrorist cases, automated testing also reduces the probability of work mistakes caused by boredom and fatigue when performing a large number of repeated tasks. Recently, foreign merchants who have come to buy grapes have decreased, but the town government will actively contact some old customers, do a good job of explanation and communication, and invite them to come to buy grapes at ease

the families of the victims were devastated (Maimai tijanimar's lover and mother). It is understood that in the violent terrorist attack in Lukeqin Town, Shanshan on June 26, the 40 year old Maimai tijani Maier was unfortunately killed by a mob, leaving behind a family of 10 people

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