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Weichai engine products were highly sought after at the Saudi auto show

Weichai engine products were unveiled at the Saudi auto show based on the design standard: gb/t3159-2008 "hydraulic universal testing machine" exhibition was highly sought after

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on December 15, the Saudi (Jeddah) Auto Show opened in Jeddah International Convention and Exhibition Center, and Weichai engine products and Yaxing bus products were grandly unveiled at the exhibition, It has attracted the attention of a large number of customers

Weichai products are popular at the Saudi auto show

at the exhibition, Weichai showed its wd12 engine with traditional advantages, and Yaxing Bus showed a school bus equipped with 226B. These products brighten the eyes of customers. After in-depth understanding of the products, they have given high praise

Saudi Arabia has a developed economy and a large market demand. Since entering the market, Weichai products have been highly praised by customers, and the ownership of products has been increasing. In order to further expand the influence of Weichai and improve the sales of bus products, Weichai Power and Yaxing bus together and need to design additional communication adapters to appear in this exhibition, so as to fully show the synergy of Weichai's gold industry chain to customers

in recent years, Weichai office in Saudi Arabia has been committed to improving the timeliness of service and improving the spare parts reserve. While providing customers with excellent products, it has delivered considerate services to customers, winning the trust of the local market, and the sales of bus products have increased year by year

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