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Weichai Green China heart unveiled in Xi'an to show the style of oil-saving King

Weichai Green China heart unveiled in Xi'an to show the style of oil-saving King

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Guide: on May 5, the large-scale series of activities of fuel-saving power Weichai national fuel-saving Experience Camp of Weichai Power were held in Xi'an, which not only highly reflects the green power of Weichai Power and the development mission of international Weichai Power, At the same time, it also indicates that the engine industry is changing from product competition to energy-saving technology innovation and service competition

on May 5, "fuel saving power Weichai line" Weichai dynamic cold drawn steel bars: each batch of cold drawn steel bars should do two tensile experiments. The national fuel saving Experience Camp large-scale series activities were held in Xi'an. This not only highly reflects the development mission of Weichai Power "green power, international Weichai", but also indicates that the engine industry is moving from product competition to energy-saving technology innovation, service competition New trends in areas such as the improvement of soft power

on the day of the event, Weichai Power dealers and hundreds of users in Shaanxi witnessed the actual energy-saving effect of the fuel-saving Pioneer products created by Weichai Power, and learned in detail the efficient fuel-saving power solutions provided by Weichai Power for dealers and end users

Xi'an is the engine city of the country's western development, and has become the core growth pole of the western region's economy. A city in rapid development must be an important target for the engine industry. Weichai Power has always been favored by users in Shaanxi. On the one hand, Weichai Power continues to innovate and has leading technological advantages. On the other hand, Weichai Power creates value for customers as always, providing efficient fuel-saving power solutions for users to refer to and warn end users

it is reported that Weichai Power's efficient fuel-saving power scheme is inseparable from its leading application of "D-speed power" and "powertrain optimization and matching technology". First, Weichai Power through the engine body structure "We also incorporated their requirements into our CAE fatigue program and mechanical fatigue test, and upgraded the structure. In addition to PW fuel injection pump, we also optimized the structure of fuel injectors, superchargers, pistons and other aspects to ensure further fuel saving and consumption reduction of the engine; secondly, Weichai Power formed the best matching technology between low-speed engine and torque converter according to the relationship between engine rated speed, maximum output torque and engine fuel consumption, so that The rated speed of the engine is reduced from 2200rpm to 2000rpm, so that the working area of the engine shifts from the high fuel consumption area to the low fuel consumption area, realizing fuel saving of the power system; At the same time, the application of electromagnetic thermostatic fan makes the fan speed automatically adjust according to the change of water temperature in the engine return pipe, which greatly reduces the loss of idle work of the engine fan, so as to reduce the parallel sampling mode based on hardware and reduce the engine fuel consumption

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