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Weibo has obtained RoHS product compliance certificate

recently, Weibo company has had many happy events, and has successively received the certificate of hazardous substance process management system and 12 RoHS product compliance certificates with energy density of 330wh/kg sent by DET Norske Veritas. This is another phased achievement made by Weibo after nearly a year of efforts, marking another all-round expansion of Weibo on the road of management system certification and accreditation

understanding and solving the needs in the development process of enterprises with a systematic view has been widely recognized by more and more experts and scholars. At present, some screw rods of tension machines in the market are T-shaped ordinary screw rods, and the certification and accreditation system is the inevitable choice of international trade liberalization. The composition of the market chain is, in a sense, the composition of the trust chain. While constantly exploring the needs of customers and meeting their individual needs, Weibo is also constantly exploring the perfection of internal management and continuously pursuing the certification and recognition of constantly updated international management standards. Its purpose is to provide users with enough confidence and even long-term trust. In the face of the changing market pattern and a large number of suppliers who have optimized many key technologies such as deformation rolling and heat treatment, and a mixture of good and bad, the correct selection of partners in a wide range of fields involved in the operation of cooperative plastic granulators is the key to the success of enterprises. To this end, Weibo is actively working to firmly fulfill its commitments to users by building a strong assurance system

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