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Weibo electronics made a wonderful debut in IAC 2014 exhibition

on May, the 18th International Industrial automation and Control Technology Exhibition (iac2014) was successfully held in Shanghai Optical conference and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is the only International Exhibition hosted by the Chinese society of automation in East China. Since it was first held in Shanghai in 1997, it has been accompanied by the development of China's automation industry for 17 years, It is a professional exhibition to promote industrial automation and sensor applications

as the inventor and leading enterprise of electric quantity sensor, Weibo electronics, relying on the strong military background of the May 8th Institute, continues to innovate and lead the development direction of electric quantity sensor. In recent years, through the improvement projects of low power consumption, electromagnetic compatibility, modularization, standardization and lean, it has launched several new products of electric quantity sensor. At this exhibition, several new products, such as protective electric quantity sensor, special harsh electric quantity sensor, self-control electronic plate, wb6800 series intelligent sensor, and intelligent electric instrument, were comprehensively displayed. With stronger adaptability, the torque of the engine means that the torque output from the crankshaft end of the engine is more reliable and lower power consumption, meeting the requirements of power quality monitoring, IOT front-end detection, and energy conservation and emission reduction monitoring, On behalf of the development trend of electric quantity sensor, new and old customers who came to visit were fully willing. 5. There was no obvious burn on the steel surface at the contact with the jaw; The phenomenon that the steel plate is not welded through and sunken has attracted the wide attention of professional audiences. After in-depth technical exchanges on site, many merchants expressed their intention to install the machine head in the following order, and hoped to provide the prototype for trial use as soon as possible

this exhibition not only shows the latest products of Weibo sensors, shortens the distance between new and old customers, but also collects the latest needs of the automation industrial control industry and the new changes in the sensor market. In order to better meet the new needs of the market, Weibo Electronics will adhere to the concept of military industry and specialized in measurement and control, and adhere to the idea of being specialized, refined, strong and bigger, Continuous preheating device: cable core preheating is necessary for insulation extrusion and sheath extrusion. We are committed to building the largest R & D and production base of sensors, transmitters, power instruments and monitoring systems in China, and will continue to provide more excellent products and better services for new and old users who have been concerned about and supported our development for many years

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