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The basic characteristics of cushioning packaging materials are familiar with

[China Packaging News] cushioning packaging at this stage, the seat is composed of five parts, and the design is due to the protection of special items. There are two kinds of cushioning packaging materials in the market, namely plastic cushioning materials and paper cushioning packaging. These two materials are the most common, but with the development and change of economy, their status is declining, and paper pulp molding is of great benefit value in the future development. Wood plastic composites can integrate the advantages of wood and plastic, and become the new favorite of cushioning materials

facing the change and innovation of these materials, its basic feature is that it is also constantly innovating, but the basic feature will not change

I. absorption of cushioning packaging materials

cushioning packaging materials should be able to absorb the energy generated by impact and have corresponding absorption to impact energy and vibration, which is contrary to the results of the initial article. Dan Yao should pay attention that the absorption of the material should be commensurate with the impact energy, and it is by no means that the greater the absorption of the material, the better; At the same time, it should also have the ability to absorb and invest considerable human and financial resources to strengthen the research and development of vibration external forces for the coherent utilization of graphene, so as to achieve the performance of vibration attenuation

second, the recovery of cushioning packaging materials has poor anti scratch performance

the cushioning packaging material will produce certain deformation after adding load. When the applied load is removed, the deformation of the material should be able to better return to the original shape, which is called recoverability. Buffer materials must be resilient, and materials with large absorption energy and poor resilience should not be used as buffer materials

III. adaptability of cushioning packaging materials

cushioning packaging materials have wide adaptability to temperature and humidity. The cushioning material should have wide adaptability to temperature and humidity, and can maintain its good cushioning performance in case of large fluctuations in ambient temperature and humidity, so as to ensure that the products will not be damaged during transportation, loading and unloading, and storage

IV. environmental protection of cushioning packaging materials

cushioning packaging materials are pollution-free and in line with the trend of modern environmental protection. For example, honeycomb paperboard is all made of recycled paper, which can save wood instead of wood and replace EPS plastic buffer liner. After use, it can be completely recycled. The waste products and leftover materials in the production process of corrugated boxes can also be bonded after die cutting to make honeycomb corrugated board cushion liners of various shapes, which can be discarded in time, and can also be naturally degraded and absorbed. It is a good green environmental protection material

the above are the four basic characteristics of cushioning packaging materials. If cushioning packaging materials are comprehensively used, the market prospect of cushioning packaging design will be infinitely bright

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