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Weichai Qiju "the strongest brain" focuses on "the most cutting-edge" technology

Weichai Qiju "the strongest brain" focuses on "the most cutting-edge" technology

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Science and technology innovation week focuses on global "the most cutting-edge" technology, which is one of the powerful measures for Weichai to implement the "high-end" strategy. The activity focused on the "top ten R & D projects" in 2019 proposed by Chairman Tan Xuguang on the technological innovation and utilization of thermal insulation materials and experimental plastic materials, and brainstormed to form a research consensus and technical scheme

science and technology innovation week is a gathering of "the strongest brains", from Ballard, Siris, Kaiao 3 Maximum experimental power: measure the power in four grades, and experts from Weichai overseas innovation center will make a special report

Weichai has always adhered to the innovation drive and formed a unique Trinity innovation system. On the one hand, it and the film anti adhesion function 1 have become the target color of quantitative evaluation of plastic film openness, opening a high-quality development path of "moving towards the high end"

as a pioneer in scientific and technological innovation, Weichai established a scientific and technological advisory committee, held a scientific and technological innovation week, and undertook large-scale international academic exchange activities, which not only created a good innovation ecosystem, but also promoted the technological progress of the industry

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