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Weibo success Qiu Weihui (1 on the right), vice president of the polycarbonate business department in China, and other founding member representatives landed on NASDAQ together, with a sharp increase of 19% on the first day of listing

Sina's Weibo business officially landed on NASDAQ on Thursday, becoming the first Chinese social media to be listed on the market in the world. After the US stocks started trading on Weibo at noon today, the share price immediately rose rapidly, rising by more than 40% during the session, and the market was actively buying and trading. At the close of the first day of Weibo, the share price soared by $3.24 to $24. The clip of the sample was $0.24, up 19.06%

it is understood that Weibo has issued a total of 16.8 million American Depositary Shares (ads), priced at $17/ads. Each ads represents 1 ordinary share of Weibo. Ads of Weibo began trading on the NASDAQ Global Select market on April 17, with the code WB. Goldman Sachs Group (Asia) and Credit Suisse Securities (USA) are the co lead underwriters of this IPO

this is the fifth year after Sina launched Weibo business in 2009. The listing of Weibo has created the first listed company in the domestic social media field. Previously, Sina Weibo has officially changed its name to Weibo at the end of March this year

in 2009, Sina launched a beta version of Weibo, which triggered a microblogging craze in China's Internet industry. At most, more than a dozen Internet companies launched Weibo products. After more than four years of fierce competition, Sina Weibo has taken the lead in terms of user size, activity and revenue

as of March this year, Weibo has 143.8 million monthly active users and 66.6 million daily active users, making it the most active social media in China. There are more than 80000 Weibo accounts of government agencies and officials, more than 700000 personal authentication accounts and more than 400000 enterprise authentication accounts on Weibo, which plays an important role in the interaction between government, enterprises, celebrities and ordinary friends. In terms of commercialization, the operating profit of sina Weibo reached US $3million in the fourth quarter of 2013, making it the first profitable social media platform in China. In the first quarter of this year, the overall revenue of Weibo reached US $67.5 million, an increase of 160.6% year-on-year

the successful landing on NASDAQ will not only prove the unique value of microblogging, but also further consolidate the leadership of microblogging in the field of social media. Caoguowei, chairman of Weibo, said that Weibo will continue to take user experience as the core, further improve the use experience of mobile terminals and PC terminals, so that users can obtain and share information more smoothly and conveniently. At the same time, Weibo will explore the technical indicators of mobile internet widely used in foreign auto enterprise materials, and will also adopt their own standard systems and standards, e-commerce, mobile payment and other aspects, so as to create a social marketing ecosystem

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