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Famous brand strategy and packaging awareness in Chinese market

brand image plays a decisive role on the stage of market economy. It's a very good product. If the brand is not loud and the packaging is not beautiful, it's hard to sell. Therefore, the original idea of famous brand strategy includes packaging, not only the packaging of product image, but also the packaging of corporate image

the famous brand road of products depends on accurate market positioning. As a formal product, packaging should have a highly consistent market positioning with substantive products. When the famous Maotai liquor entered the international market for the first time at the Expo, it received a cold reception due to the image of "earth clothes and cloth shoes". Fortunately, its quality was excellent, and it was only when the wine bottle was broken and the wine fragrance flowed that it attracted people to turn around. This fact makes us both glad to have the quality consciousness of "forging iron must be hard" and sad to lack the consciousness of "packaging". When shopping in shopping malls, the first thing to guide customers' attention is the shape and packaging of goods. Even if the same kind of goods are more chic in appearance and exquisite in packaging, the former should be checked. Even if the price is higher, customers are willing to accept it. A survey by DuPont, the largest chemical industry company in the United States, shows that 63% of consumers choose products according to their packaging. This discovery is the famous "DuPont law". According to the British market research company, women who shop in supermarkets generally buy 45% more goods than they intend to buy when entering the store due to the attraction of exquisite packaging. It can be seen that producers and operators should not only pay attention to the internal quality of products, but also pay attention to the external quality of products (such as the appearance and packaging of products)

Jinhua ham is one of the famous traditional foods in China. It has a history of more than 1000 years. It has long been famous for its "four wonders" in color, aroma, taste and shape. In the late Qing Dynasty, it has been exported to Nanyang and Japan, won the gold medal of Panama International Expo in 1917, and can also be widely used in machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, construction, aerospace Relevant laboratories in shipbuilding, transportation, pressure vessels and other industrial departments as well as universities and scientific research institutes won the National Quality Gold Award in 85 and 1991. More than 140 enterprises in 22 counties (cities) in Zhejiang produce Jinhua ham. But so far, the main packaging form of Jinhua Ham sales is still: domestic whole leg -- plastic bag + newspaper + hemp rope; Ordinary compound bags are used for ham segmentation and packaging, ham heart and ham slices. This kind of crude packaging affects the internal quality and appearance of Jinhua ham, which seriously restricts Jinhua ham from selling well in the domestic market and entering the international market. A few years ago, Jinhua food packaging machinery manufacturing company invited kilys (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. to hold a Jinhua ham series product packaging seminar in Jinhua, with the theme of improving the packaging of Jinhua ham and entering the international market. The meeting achieved positive results. During the meeting, nearly 10 ham manufacturers expressed their intention to adopt new packaging. If the newly designed packaging is adopted, Jinhua ham series products can not only keep fresh and quality, but also have a beautiful appearance, and maintain their original unique color and shape. In this way, Jinhua ham can become popular

Yangzhou pickles are fresh, sweet, crisp and tender. As early as the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, they were known as "southern dishes" and introduced into the court as imperial dishes in the morning and evening. At that time, officials and rich businessmen who came to the south to handle cases, patrol and do business mostly bypassed Yangzhou when they returned to Beijing and brought some pickles back as gifts to relatives and friends or foreign envoys. Over a long period of time, Yangzhou pickles have made a great impact on the capital and won a good reputation at home and abroad. In 1911 and 1915, they won the gold medal at the Nanyang property exchange and Panama International Expo respectively. Before liberation, more than 70 soy sauce gardens in Yangzhou had the highest taste of Sanhe, Simi and Wufu. Wufu sauce factory, formerly known as Wufu sauce garden, is a century old store in Yangzhou. It has accumulated rich experience in pickling and processing from long-term production practice. After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the old soy sauce garden was reborn. From choosing raw materials to cutting and pickling, soaking and pressing, to mechanical packaging, it is full of Yangzhou local characteristics. The pickles produced, such as milk cucumber, pagoda vegetables, tender ginger, radish head, coriander core, assorted vegetables, sweet pickled melon, sweet and sour garlic, spicy oil coriander Qin, are all natural and fragrant, unique. In 1994, Yangzhou Wufu pickles won the gold medal at the China Food Expo. The director of the factory is not satisfied with his famous brand products, which are old and famous. He is not satisfied with his good product quality and fast sales. Instead, he continues to improve the product packaging while constantly improving the product quality. Over the past few years, he has visited more than 30 concrete pressure testing machine calibration methods: sales units, and widely solicited customers' opinions. Facing the reality of the market, he proposed that Wufu pickles should not only be famous but also be consistent. Famous brands should be worthy of the name, and the packaging should be unified with the internal product quality. He said: "good or bad product quality can determine the rise and fall of enterprises; good or bad packaging can also determine the competitiveness of products in the market to a certain extent.". He compared the packaging of his own products with other food packaging, took the advantages of thousands of companies to make up for his shortcomings, and set up a packaging research group led by the deputy factory director. With the cooperation of the publicity department, the advertising design department, the culture and art department and the manufacturer, they studied and planned the size of the bottle box, the shape of the bottle, the tightness of the bottle cap, and the trademark pattern one by one, and constantly improved them. The practice of market competition makes them deeply realize that Wufu pickles can be famous at home and abroad, and their production and sales are prosperous, and their packaging is indispensable

nowadays, all manufacturers spare no effort in packaging. The improvement of wine packaging is generally reflected in the rapid renovation of patterns, advanced materials, exquisite production and so on. Whether it is some famous wine manufacturers, such as Luzhou Laojiao, Tuopai, Jiannanchun, Quanxing Daqu, Xifeng, or local famous wines, such as Qinchi Tequ, credit store Laojiu, their product packaging is made of high-quality gold cardboard materials, printed with advanced gravure printing technology, and the packaging graphics are designed by computers, with rich texture levels, magnificent feeling, high-end style, comparable to the packaging of foreign wine, and it is not easy to fake. New multi structure anti-theft bottle caps are used for wine bottle sealing. Whether in terms of packaging grade or anti-counterfeiting level, this packaging form has formed an unstoppable trend. From the perspective of outer packing cases, six bottle small packing cases are popular in Shandong, Henan, Sichuan and other regions, and color printing is used to print the outer packing cases as delicate as the inner packing boxes. Because this kind of small packing box is very popular in the market, it can not only be used in the elegant hall of hotels and restaurants, but also suitable for gift consumption; In terms of advertising effect, it is also advertising during transportation

General Secretary Jiang Zemin pointed out when visiting the packaging Hall of the National Exhibition of technological progress achievements of industrial enterprises: "packaging is very important, not only to protect commodities, but also to improve the added value through good packaging. We must pay attention to the big problem of packaging." In the past, in the planned economy, product packaging only played a protective role in transportation, so packaging design, packaging materials, packaging appearance and packaging standards were generally ignored. For a long time, the original and backward packaging is relatively common, which is not only poor in appearance, but also poor in product protection. The damage caused by poor packaging is quite serious. With the development of commodity economy and the establishment of socialist market economy, it is not enough for products to enter the market as commodities only to stay on the transportation packaging, but also to meet the packaging requirements that products are easy to sell and store. In recent years, the economic losses caused by only paying attention to the protection of product packaging and ignoring the preservation of product packaging are also quite serious. In implementing the famous brand strategy, we emphasize the awareness of packaging, not focusing on any aspect of packaging improvement, but requiring all-round improvement

at present, there are few famous brands in China, and there are few well-known brands in the world. The expected goal of the famous brand strategy is not only to create and protect domestic famous brands, but also to enter the international market. Therefore, packaging should also strengthen "international awareness". The international market is often a buyer's market with a higher level of consumption. Therefore, if our products want to create international famous brands, the packaging must be in line with the international market. To achieve this goal, it is not enough for our packaging industry to maintain the current level. We must rely on the progress of science and technology and the promotion of new packaging materials, new packaging products and new packaging technology developed by science and technology. At present, the trend of packaging improvement in developed countries is: packaging materials are developing towards energy saving, low consumption, pollution prevention and high function; Packaging products are developing towards the recycling technology of green packaging; Packaging equipment is developing in the direction of electromechanical integration, intelligence and automatic control

famous brand products represent the image and strength of the country and region to a certain extent, which is also true for an industry. Whether it can have a large number of high-quality, high-grade and high-level products is directly related to the rise and fall and survival of the industry. As an industry, packaging should not only have a number of famous brand products with popularity, scale and efficiency in the domestic market, but also have the strength to strive for international famous brands and constantly shorten the gap with developed countries. With the acceleration of China's integration with the international economy, the domestic market will integrate into the international market to meet the challenges. It is very urgent and important to establish and develop famous brand packaging products. Therefore, in the implementation of the famous brand strategy, the packaging industry should speed up the progress of packaging science and technology, strengthen the enterprise management with quality management as the core, establish enterprise groups, enhance the sense of competition, strive for famous brand products, and constantly explore the market, so as to promote the development of the packaging industry

packaging, product clothing, corporate image, customers leave a "first impression", and commodities rely on to win "bidding weight". At present, the world is moving towards the era of "corporate image". Only when there are first-class goods, first-class brands and first-class packaging can we create first-class enterprises

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