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[PVC weekly review] the oil price is volatile, and the market is still weak.

I. this week's market (October 23 to October 27)

after the sharp decline of PVC warehouse receipts this week on Monday and Tuesday, with the rise of crude oil, the friction wheel surface in the gearbox should not be oiled or splashed with oil stains. The warehouse receipt index rose slightly on Wednesday and Thursday, and stopped rising again on the weekend. Affected by the sharp decline of international futures oil over the weekend on Monday, PVC warehouse receipts opened sharply lower and closed lower in the late trading. The index fell 11.66 points to close at 1105.14. The trading atmosphere improved and both volumes increased. The decline of futures oil on Tuesday led PVC to continue to fall deeply, and the warehouse receipt index fell 16.97 points. The trading atmosphere was cold, and both volumes fell slightly. On Wednesday, boosted by crude oil, PVC warehouse receipts opened higher in the middle and closed higher in the late trading. The warehouse receipt index closed at 1088.17 points, up 8.96 points from the previous trading day. The trading volume fell sharply, and the order volume was flat with the previous day. On Thursday, the opening price of PVC warehouse receipts fell, the intraday price continued to rise, and the end of the day closed up. The index rose slightly by 2.74 points, close to the 5-day moving average. The trading atmosphere was active, and the trading volume increased significantly. Over the weekend, crude oil fell, PVC warehouse receipts fell at the opening and closed lower at the end of the day, with the index falling by 7.94 points. The market turned into a downturn, trading volume decreased significantly, and the order volume increased slightly. On Friday, the PVC warehouse receipt index closed at 1091.93 points, down 24.87 points from last Friday; The settlement price of PV was reported at 6780 yuan/ton, down 220 yuan/ton from last Friday. In terms of trading, the overall turnover this week was general, the trading volume increased slightly compared with last week, and the order volume fell slightly. The continuous fluctuation of the crude oil market has confused the trend of PVC, and traders are more cautious. The specific data of one week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

total transaction volume of PVC warehouse receipt this week (tons)

total order volume of PVC warehouse receipt (tons)

this weekend

last Friday

rise and fall

this week

last week

increase and decrease

this Friday

last weekend

increase and decrease




150 ↓



15 ↑



5 ↓




120 ↓

second, on the basis of comprehensive analysis

, This week, the international oil giant can also send them to landfills (not ideal) with a wide range of fluctuations. On Tuesday and Wednesday, driven by the cold weather and OPEC's actual production reduction, prices rose sharply. On Thursday, oil prices fell due to the decline in natural gas and heating oil prices and traders' profit taking. As of Thursday, WTI and Brent closed at $60.36 and $60.77 per barrel respectively. In terms of upstream monomers, the quotation of ethylene in Asia was stable, and the price of ethylene in the Far East fell by $50/ton. In terms of spot goods, the ex factory prices of domestic petrochemicals of PVC remained stable as a whole, and some brands were reduced by about yuan/ton. The early situation of markets around the country was sluggish, and local prices fell slightly. Affected by the sharp rise of crude oil on Wednesday, the atmosphere improved slightly. On the whole, the market trend is relatively stable, the high price transaction resistance is large, the downstream demand tends to be weak, the middlemen have a small amount of replenishment, the market mentality is different, some people maintain a wait-and-see situation, operate cautiously, and there is no obvious volume of transactions. The market quotation of PVC raw materials in Yuyao plastic city fell by about yuan/ton this week, and remained at yuan/ton this weekend

in general, PVC is still in a downward state, and there is an adjustment later this week. The international futures oil market has a significant impact on the market mentality. At present, the international futures oil market participants are increasingly confident in OPEC's production reduction, and the gradual decline in temperature will also provide support for the price of heating oil. The dominant view in the market is changing, and the crude oil market shows signs of stabilization, but it still needs to be further confirmed. Whether PVC can stabilize and recover next week still needs good fundamental support

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