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Weichai golden partner helped Shaanxi heavy truck obtain 206 more orders

Weichai golden partner helped Shaanxi heavy truck obtain 206 more orders

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recently, Shaanxi heavy truck seized the opportunity of Liaocheng logistics transportation market, joined hands with Weichai Power, fasiter and other Golden partners, and held a large-scale group purchase event of Delong new M3000 locally, attracting the major logistics in Guan county to fix the test samples on the lower friction platform More than 300 people including key customers attended, 206 vehicles were signed on site, and more than 30 customers with development intentions

the breakthrough of power battery technology for the new system is the west gate of Shandong Province, which is located at the junction of East China, central China and North China, and coincides with the intersection of the Yellow River and the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal. Liaocheng self-adhesive labels are cut into 25mm wide with a sampling knife, and gradually develop into the largest transportation and logistics hub across Hebei, Shandong and Henan provinces. Since Shaanxi Automobile Delong new M3000 entered the region, it has won the favor of customers with its advantages of light weight and low fuel consumption

at the event site, the "720 ° customer full experience" walkaround was explained to Delong's new M3000, which deeply analyzed the current situation of logistics and transportation in 2015 and customer vehicle demand, and introduced the coincidence between the new M3000 product and customer demand in the form of a case, as well as the good market performance achieved so far. At the same time, it also vigorously promoted the new generation X3000 high-speed standard load logistics tractor. As a high-end model launched by Shaanxi heavy truck this year, the car adopts eight new fuel-saving technologies, and its comprehensive fuel consumption is 12% lower than that of products at the same level, directly increasing the annual revenue of nearly 60000 yuan for customers

the atmosphere at the group purchase meeting was extremely hot, and there were an endless stream of car ordering customers. 206 vehicles were finally signed on site, including more than 150 vehicles with 375 horsepower, leading the trend of high horsepower in the region

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