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Weichai group: accelerate transformation and upgrading to build a century old enterprise

over the past decade, Weichai has been aiming to build a century old enterprise, always adhering to independent innovation, endogenous growth, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and strive to promote the transformation from land power to all field power, from general technology to core technology, from investment pull to investment and consumption Synergy Drive, from domestic development to global development Five major transformations from manufacturing enterprises to service-oriented manufacturing enterprises have achieved unconventional and leapfrog development In 2014, Weichai group achieved a sales revenue of 40.44 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.2%, and a total profit of 1.84 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.4%; 257000 engines of various types were sold, with a year-on-year increase of 5.9%, 41000 heavy trucks, with a year-on-year increase of 31%, and 280000 transmissions, with a year-on-year increase of 33.8%. On the whole, the development quality and quantity of Weichai group have been further improved, and it continues to maintain its leading position in the industry

Tan Xuguang, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Shandong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. and chairman of Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd.

in recent decades, Weichai has always adhered to independent innovation and endogenous growth, adhered to structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and worked hard to promote the transformation from land power to all field power, from general technology to core technology, from investment pull to investment and consumption Synergy Drive The transformation from domestic development to global development, from manufacturing enterprises to service-oriented manufacturing enterprises and other five major transformations have achieved unconventional and leapfrog development. The main methods are:

first, adhere to talent first, build a high-quality talent team

Weichai group adheres to the concept that it is better to buy technology than equipment, and talent than technology, and takes talent team construction as the first project, It has built a talent gathering highland with unique Weichai characteristics

in foreign countries, according to the market-oriented recruitment mode, enterprises open the vision of talent recruitment, establish a professional talent introduction team that understands the overseas background and is familiar with the international prevailing rules, and target the world's top three benchmark enterprise headquarters, technology research and development centers and industry top talent gathering places for professional and regular recruitment. In addition, the enterprise gives full play to its resource advantages and utilizes the overseas industrial platform within the group to realize the team introduction of overseas talents; Adhere to talent introduction, give full play to the networking role of existing overseas talents, use overseas branches, widely contact overseas Chinese associations and Chinese media, and collect talent information. Since 2009, the group has introduced 73 high-end talents from Europe, America and other countries. At present, a total of 4 people have been selected into the national thousand talents plan, 7 people have been selected as overseas distinguished experts of Taishan Scholars in Shandong Province, and 12 people enjoy special government subsidies from the State Council. More importantly, according to the strategic needs, the enterprise provides important positions for the introduction of talents, establishes professional teams, configures high-quality resources, and builds a broad development platform and career platform all over the world, giving full play to the academic leadership and work enthusiasm of high-end talents. Therefore, it is important to use it in the fatigue life experiment of sliding transmission belt

in China, based on the future development strategy of the enterprise, Weichai group has formulated a talent introduction plan, adhering to the introduction of outstanding graduates of domestic colleges and universities, social professionals and overseas high-end talents every year. Since 2011, 26 doctors and 1350 masters have been recruited, and they have been enriched to management, technology, marketing, procurement, manufacturing and other positions respectively. The knowledge structure and age structure of enterprise employees have undergone fundamental changes, which has reserved resources for enterprise development and brought vitality

second, adhere to independent innovation and constantly improve the level of scientific and technological research and development

we have always attached great importance to independent innovation and product development capacity-building, adhere to self-centered and chain innovation, and continue to improve the scientific and technological innovation ability and research and development level of enterprises

enterprises are benchmarking with world-class enterprises, constantly increasing R & D investment in reserved technologies, and ensuring that R & D expenses account for more than 3% of total revenue. Relying on the resources in China, the United States, Germany, Italy and France, it has built a research and development platform in five countries and ten places with clear division of labor and collaborative cooperation, and built a modern national enterprise technology center and a domestic first-class product experiment center. Make full use of social resources, cooperate with well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad, jointly carry out advanced technology research, and promote the transformation of technological achievements. As the leading unit, Weichai, together with 18 colleges and universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, has established an international technological innovation alliance for internal combustion engine reliability, established a Weichai Power R & D community with 54 upstream supplier enterprises, and established strategic cooperative relations with downstream customers, thus building a large-scale R & D system with collaboration, resource sharing and strong competitiveness. We have attached importance to the construction of innovation culture, created a cultural atmosphere that encourages innovation and tolerates failure, and initially formed a vivid situation in which thousands of horses rush to engage in innovation. Adhering to the distribution concept of embodying value with value and returning wealth with wealth, we will pay equal attention to material incentives and spiritual incentives, and reward talents who have made contributions. The scientific and Technological Innovation Conference is held every two years. At the 2012 scientific and Technological Innovation Conference, the enterprise allocated 25million yuan for major scientific research projects and excellent scientific and technological innovation talents at one time, of which the maximum single award reached 2million yuan

Weichai has undertaken and participated in 18 national 863 projects, science and technology support programs, international cooperation programs and science and technology research projects, obtained 626 authorized patents for products and technologies, and presided over and participated in the formulation of more than 40 industrial and national standards. In the industry, it took the lead in successfully developing blue engine engine with independent intellectual property rights, China's first high-pressure common rail electronic control system, in cylinder direct injection natural gas engine and new energy wn20 powertrain. The key technology and industrialization of heavy-duty high-speed diesel engine won the second prize of the 2012 National Science and technology Progress Award, breaking through a number of key cutting-edge core technologies that have been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time, It has achieved a leap from made in China to created in China

third, adjust the product structure and build a diversified development business pattern

Weichai group has always adhered to market-oriented, and constantly adjusted the structure around the core business of powertrain, building a diversified development business pattern

marked by entering the supporting field of construction machinery, the enterprise has achieved a leap from the single market of supporting heavy trucks to the multi market supporting heavy trucks, construction machinery, passenger cars, marine electricity, etc; Marked by the independent research and development of wp5 and WP7, and the introduction of man mainframe and VM engine, the product layout of simultaneous development of high and medium speed power, coordinated development of large, medium and small full power segments, and effective cooling facilities are required, realizing the leap from 10L and 12L single product platforms to a full range of product platforms; With the absorption and merger of Hunan torch, the establishment of Shandong heavy industry and other capital operations as a symbol, around the core business of powertrain, we have continuously expanded the industrial field, and achieved a leap from a single engine product to the coordinated development of multiple gold industrial chains such as commercial vehicles, construction machinery, ships and yachts. Through a series of adjustments, Weichai has developed from a single engine before 2005 to the current four business segments of complete vehicle, powertrain, luxury yacht and auto parts, and built five core power systems, including commercial vehicle powertrain, engineering machinery transmission system, marine power propulsion system, new energy power system and hydraulic system, forming a unique and unrepeatable competitive advantage

at present, the traditional advantage product 10l/12l engine of the enterprise continues to maintain the absolute leading position in the industry; Strategic products 5l/7l engines, man engines and boduan products gradually expand their market share; The sales of environment-friendly natural gas engines and remanufactured engines have gradually increased. Weichai engine has fully covered the fields of heavy vehicles, large engineering machinery, large luxury passenger cars, large and medium-sized ships, small and medium-sized power generation equipment, and has achieved core products in large, medium and small power segments. It has basically formed a product layout with simultaneous development of medium and high speed, full series and full field development, and the competitive advantage of the product portfolio has initially emerged

fourth, using capital means to accelerate the process of internationalization

internationalization is the only way to enter the world's top 500. In recent years, Weichai group has made full use of the national opening-up conditions, seized the opportunities in the international financial crisis, made strategic and prudent decisions, and made rational use of capital means to implement strategic mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of enterprises that meet their own development strategies

in 2009, Weichai transnational reorganized the French boduan company with us $2.99 million, filling the gap in high-speed and high-power marine power and industrial power generation; In 2012, the Italian Faraday group was restructured with 374million euros, and the enterprise fully entered the world's top yacht manufacturing field, realizing the transformation of the industry from investment driven to investment and consumption driven; In the same year, it invested 738million euros to carry out strategic cooperation with Kaiao group of Germany, and owned 25% shares of Kaiao group and 70% shares of Linde hydraulic, which directly brought the core technology of the enterprise into the global leading level, and changed the situation that China's high-end hydraulic products rely on imports for a long time. Through the trilogy of international mergers and acquisitions, Weichai's business structure has been adjusted and optimized, the enterprise has entered a new business field, the industrial chain has been further extended, and its comprehensive strength and international influence have been significantly enhanced

after the completion of M & A, Weichai has done a lot of work in promoting business collaboration, managing international brands, Planning Overseas plant construction, and gradually realized the transformation from cross-border M & A to cross-border operation. Carry out strategic cooperation with Kaiao group in seven aspects, including supply chain management, distribution network sharing, engine technology research and electric technology cooperation. Promote the successful listing and trading of Kaiao group in Frankfurt Stock Exchange. At present, Weichai has a controlling stake of 33.3% in Kaiao, and the control of international technical resources has been further strengthened. It has established a brand strategic alliance with Italian Ferrari F1 team, and Weichai has become the first Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprise to sponsor Ferrari team. The two sides carry out brand cooperation on a global scale. In addition, Faraday company set up a yacht marketing center in Hong Kong, Linde hydraulic Germany new factory, Indian engine production project, Myanmar and Ethiopia technology export project were carried out smoothly, and the localization process of boduan and Linde hydraulic was orderly promoted. Weichai's global business scale continues to expand, and its comprehensive strength and international influence are significantly enhanced. China then uses these relevant information to establish a page index database, and its international brand awareness is significantly improved

v. accelerate the integration of industrialization and industrialization and continue to promote business model innovation

with the rapid development, Weichai has continuously increased its investment in information construction, with a total investment of nearly 200million yuan. It has introduced advanced information technology concepts into the enterprise, successfully deployed and applied the information system to the relevant business links of the enterprise, and built six information service platforms covering the whole field of R & D, procurement, manufacturing, management and after-sales service, It realizes the deep integration of informatization and enterprise business, and provides strong support for enterprises to innovate business models and improve R & D, management and core competitiveness

taking the opportunity of upgrading emission regulations, Weichai set up an air purification company to explore the innovation of business model based on light asset operation, integrate the resources of post-processing five key parts technology and supply, give full play to the enterprise's own advantages, create new profit growth points, and plan to exceed 5billion yuan in total revenue within three years. Give full play to the advantages of industrial chain and establish new energy

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