Steel wire rope anti sag device of tower crane

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Tower crane wire rope anti sag device

a tower crane wire rope anti sag device, which is characterized in that it is composed of supporting wheel, suspension rod, connecting rod and support, which need to be checked regularly and will not damage human cells, rod, support and web. One end of the suspension rod is fixed with the supporting wheel, and the other end is fixed with the connecting rod; The support is fixed on the jib, one end of the support rod is hinged with it, and can also be connected with the support through the cylinder block arranged at one end, and the other end is fixedly connected with the connecting rod; The web is fixed on the luffing trolley, and the roller that can roll along the track on the web is set on the support rod or connecting rod. The utility model has simple structure and can effectively hold up the sagging steel wire rope. When the luffing trolley drives to the anti sagging device, it can let the lifting steel wire rope pass, and when it passes the steel wire rope, it can automatically extend the industrial chain back without any impact and work reliably

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