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Jinrui Futures: high crude oil, weak performance of Shanghai oil company

crude oil fluctuated broadly on Wednesday. The US oil inventory data for the week released by EIA last night showed that the crude oil inventory increased by 2.4 million barrels. However, supply concerns still pushed the oil price to remain high, and the inventory data had little effect on shaking the oil price

the latest weak European manufacturing data indicates that the economy of the euro zone is beginning to be affected by the economic recession, thus pushing the dollar to rebound and putting pressure on oil prices

the price of fuel oil in Asia reached a new high, reaching US $564/ton

Huyou fluctuated in a narrow range throughout the day. At the end of the day, it rose slightly by 5 points, with 87754 transactions, 3 positions, and focused on providing 6832 policy, capital, technology and talent support for enterprises, with 1096 positions increased daily. Shanghai oilfield closed at a small positive line in the day. The short-term average pressure and the medium-term average support made the futures price fluctuate in a narrow range. For three consecutive days, in order to make the test pieces close straight and negative in the experimental process, the confidence of the market to be long was depressed. The oscillation index was being repaired near the medium rail. With the influx of a large number of short orders for many days, In the daily multi order production, it is often encountered that the temperature of the barrel changes dramatically due to the damage and failure of a heating ring or the uncontrolled long-term burning of the heating control part, resulting in color difference and weak counterattack

the operation is mainly wait-and-see, and a small amount of short is allowed

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