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The installation of solid wood flooring depends on products in three parts and installation in seven parts. This sentence is a classic saying in the solid wood flooring installation industry. According to the latest survey of the solid wood flooring industry by Xiaobian, it is easy to buy solid wood flooring products, but the soft rib of solid wood flooring is the installation of solid wood flooring. If you ask solid wood flooring installers to decorate the solid wood flooring for you, you are not very satisfied, which is easy to cause disputes, and businesses are only responsible for selling solid wood flooring, not necessarily for the installation of solid wood flooring, so, At present, some disputes in the market are also related to this reason. Learning more about decoration is of great help to us. You might as well study with me

floor installation knowledge

1. The installation site can install the floor only after other decoration works are completed, so as to prevent damage to the floor caused by other decoration works

2. The ground of the installation site should be dry, flat and free of sundries. In principle, water pipes, heating pipes, etc. should not pass under the floor

solid wood floor installation process

first, preparations before laying. First, we should test the flatness of the ground to see whether the floor is flat. The local error is required to be about 3mm. Secondly, test the humidity of the ground with an electromagnetic wave moisture content meter. Every 1.5 to 2 meters is a test point. If the ground is very wet, it is recommended to postpone the installation. Finally, determine the concealed turning method and calculate the materials of other materials, measure the actual area, and determine the products and models purchased from the owner

second, unpack and check the floor. Look at the moisture content, appearance quality, size and deviation of the floor and the deviation of shape and position

third, the choice of floor color. Solid wood floor is a natural material, and color difference is very normal. If the color difference is relatively small, it will be graded differently and adjusted directly when laying; If the color difference is large, it can be divided into depth and depth, which can be paved in different areas

fourth, keel laying. According to the length of the floor, determine the spacing of the keel, and the spacing is not too large. The length direction of the installation and laying floor, 300 mm from the strength, is a reference line, which is generally determined as 2— 3. Ensure that the installation position of the keel is at a 90 degree right angle to the reference line

fifth, the laying requirements of the floor, between the floor and the strong pad with wood, to ensure that the distance between the floor and the wall is 8— 12 mm. After the first two rows are laid, they should be straightened by pulling wires and often to ensure the quality of laying. During the laying process, the color of the floor can be adjusted to make it look natural. The skirting board shall be tight and firmly installed

after understanding the installation process of solid wood flooring, let's understand the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood flooring

advantages of solid wood flooring:

1. Sound and heat insulation

solid wood flooring is hard, with meticulous wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity, and the effect of blocking sound and hot air, which is better than cement, ceramic tiles and steel

2. Adjust humidity

the wood characteristics of solid wood flooring are that the climate is dry, and the internal moisture of wood is released; In a humid climate, wood absorbs moisture from the air. The wooden floor adjusts the air humidity of the room to the most comfortable level of the human body by absorbing and releasing moisture. Scientific research shows that long-term living in a wooden house can extend the average life span by 10 years

3. Warm in winter and cool in summer

in winter, the surface temperature of solid wood floor is 8 ℃ ~10 ℃ higher than that of ceramic tile, and people walk on the wood floor without cold feeling; In summer, the room temperature of solid wood floor is 2 ℃ ~3 ℃ lower than that of the room paved with ceramic tiles

4. Green and harmless

solid wood flooring is made from virgin forest and coated with non-volatile wear-resistant paint. It is green and harmless from material type to paint surface, unlike ceramic tiles with radiation and laminate flooring with formaldehyde. It is the only natural green and harmless ground building material

5. Gorgeous and noble

solid wood flooring is made of high-end hardwood materials. Its board surface has beautiful wood grains and elegant and noble decoration. It is the preferred flooring material for middle and high-end income families

6. Durable

most varieties of solid wood flooring have hard and dense materials, strong corrosion and moth resistance, and can be used normally for decades or even hundreds of years

disadvantages of solid wood floor:

difficult to maintain: solid wood floor has high requirements for pavement. Once the pavement is not good, it will cause a series of problems, such as noise. If the indoor environment is too wet or dry, the solid wood floor is easy to arch, warp or deform. After paving, you should often wax and oil, otherwise the gloss of the floor surface will soon disappear

high price: solid wood flooring has always maintained a high price, with the price of more than 200 yuan/square meter. Families with tight budgets have to weigh it

detailed explanation of the installation cost of solid wood flooring

after the installation of solid wood flooring, start to install the skirting line. The installation of the skirting line should be consistent with the position at the beginning of drilling, and the gap should be properly left during the installation, which is the same as the gap left during the installation of solid wood flooring. The editor introduced the installation steps of solid wood flooring. Now let's explain the installation cost of solid wood flooring. The cost includes labor cost, which is generally 12 yuan; The installation cost of solid wood floor is equal to the price of solid wood floor multiplied by the area; The floor laying and the installation of skirting line cost about 3 yuan per square meter. In addition, if the material of skirting line is solid wood, the price ranges from 10-60 yuan, and the commonly used one is between 20-30 yuan





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