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The second home expo of Anyuan home building materials industry chamber of Commerce was held in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province on October 29 and 30. This home expo attracted many first-line home building materials brands such as Cohen appliances to appear at the same time, providing citizens with one-stop high-quality home decoration procurement services. In addition to the wonderful links such as lucky draw and smashing golden eggs, there are also strong activities to grab luxury cars at the Expo site. With the high praise rate of the products borrowed from Pingxiang market and the strong brand appeal, Cohen Electric Co., Ltd. is the best in the competition with peer brands and detonates the upsurge of placing orders

every success is accompanied by hard work and unremitting efforts of the team. With sufficient preparation and on-site control in the early stage, the event attracted many customers. In the booth of Cohen appliance, the crowd was surging and the atmosphere was very warm. Professional team service, high-quality product quality and innovative technical functions make Cohen appliance a brand star on the scene! A wave after wave of bill signing craze. The crowded crowd and actively participating customers have become a beautiful scenery at the event site

the hot end of Pingxiang Home Expo, the smoke-free healthy kitchen brought by Cohen appliances continued to ferment in family life, and at the same time, the concept of Cohen appliances' healthy kitchen was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which further expanded the brand influence and reputation of Cohen appliances in Jiangxi, established the leading brand image of local kitchen appliances, and became the most popular kitchen appliance brand among consumers




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