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Congratulations on the reopening of Moganshan full house custom Changzhou store. Don't forget your original intention before you start! On behalf of Moganshan home furnishing company, I wish Changzhou store a prosperous business and record high store performance

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journey starts again, glory starts again

warm congratulations to Moganshan whole house customization

Changzhou store

old store is newly opened, good luck

on behalf of Moganshan home furnishing company

wish Changzhou store business prosperity

store performance to hit a new high

the old rule is that the door photos go first. With a wave of

colorful VI elements and a brand-new brand logo, you can feel a professional home furnishing brand's keen sense of diversified market demand at the first sight of the new door of Changzhou store. After the reopening, Changzhou store revealed a brand-new fashion atmosphere from the inside out, which is more youthful and international than in the past

this Changzhou store re decoration introduces the latest works of Moganshan household's whole house customization and whole wood customization in 2019, which not only marks a solid step in the standardization of brand samples, but also shows our strength to owners in Changzhou in the form of "new product release", so that more consumers can know us, understand us, expand brand influence, and establish a good reputation

since we want to expand our influence,

how can we do without some welfare

look at this pile of good gifts around the wall,

look at this neat golden egg,

look at this five fold good gift of enjoying Longcheng...

I don't know if you live in Changzhou,

have you caught up with this offer

if you can't catch up this time,

Moganshan whole house customization sincerely invites you to visit the store on weekends and holidays,

Customize your favorite household products,

talk about a happy life

2019-06-16 store reality

as a home brand,

our biggest wish is to make every customer in the store purchase the products they want,

return satisfied with a smile,

I believe that Changzhou store's wish is the same

outlook ・ wishes

thank the Changzhou team for their hard work for this opening,

wish Moganshan whole house customized Changzhou store:

open a prosperous business and enjoy great prosperity,

financial resources are rolling in all directions

I wish every member of Changzhou store team,

in the continuous efforts and struggles,

harvest the friendship and happiness of success of the team

wish Moganshan a customized brand for the whole house,

under the operation of this excellent team,

become a real good brand in the hearts of Changzhou owners

the future belongs to you

best wishes for the opening of Changzhou store






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