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Jiuwei machinery and its hollow forming machine appeared in APPLAS 2013

applas 20132 Turn on the power switch of the machine body, hold the hand-held operator to make the pendulum perform an empty stroke (without placing the sample), check whether the passive needle of the dial refers to zero, if not, adjust the pointer position to make the pointer zero during the empty stroke. The 13th Asia Pacific International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition will be held in China in September, 2013 Shanghai New International Expo Center. The Asia Pacific International Plastics and rubber industry exhibition is jointly sponsored by China Light Industry Federation, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, and China National Light Industry Machinery Corporation. It is jointly sponsored by the science and technology development promotion center of the Ministry of construction, China Engineering Plastics Industry Association, plastic packaging Committee of China Packaging Technology Association, China non-metallic products Mold Association, China National Chemical Equipment Corporation, China Membrane Industry Association China flame retardant Association, China Chlor Alkali Industry Association, China Polyurethane Association, fluoroplastics processing professional committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China fluorosilicone organic materials industry association, China antibacterial Industry Association and China Color Masterbatch Association jointly support it. With an exhibition area of 50000 square meters, 800 well-known enterprises at home and abroad from all over the world will exhibit their latest products

according to Huicong plastics, Zhangjiagang Jiuwei Machinery Co., Ltd. will bring hollow molding machine equipment to appear in APPLAS 2013 (Booth No.: W)

in this exhibition, the plastic one-step three position injection blow molding machine with multiple patents is exhibited. Compared with similar equipment, it has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency and low maintenance cost

Zhangjiagang Jiuwei Machinery Co., Ltd. has gathered engineering and technical personnel who have been engaged in the research and development of plastic processing machinery and supporting molds for many years. They have rich theoretical and practical experience and can provide detailed and thoughtful services for users' investment plans

the company can provide users with: extrusion blow mold, extrusion bottle blowing mold, three position injection blow mold, PET bottle blank mold, PET bottle blank mold, hot runner bottle cap mold, etc., which are matched with blow molding machine and injection molding machine. The company is especially technologically advanced in the design of injection blow mold, It can provide mold support for bottle blowing manufacturers using various foreign brands (such as wh2015nbsp; rubber and plastic and innovative materials application seminar Eaton in the United States, Jomar in the United States, uniloy in Italy, etc.), and also provide mold support services for domestic automatic three position injection blowing machine manufacturers. The company has a deeper research in injection and blowing mold and molding process. 2. Instructions for use: research, so that more plastic materials and molding products can be completed on injection and blowing equipment by hanging belts, such as PC, pet, PS, etc

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