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Jinrui Futures: the strong rebound of Shanghai Jiao was sealed at the trading limit

yesterday's market review: when we got up to brush our teeth and squeeze toothpaste in the morning, the main contract 0901 opened at 13000, 440 higher than the closing price of the previous trading day. After opening, it quickly fell to 12420, the lowest point of the day, and then rebounded upward. After noon, it continued to hit a new high of the day, reaching 13265, the highest price on the trading limit, After that, it fluctuated near the daily limit and was finally closed on the daily limit 13265, up 705 from the closing price of the previous trading day

today's operation suggestion: the main contract 0901 of Shanghai Jiaotong rebounded strongly and was closed on the trading limit. In terms of operation, it is suggested that if the price continues to rebound upward and breaks through today's peak of 13265, the short positions should be closed. If the price continues to fall, empty orders will continue to be held

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