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Jinrui Futures: crude oil was blocked at $100, and the monthly decline of Shanghai oil was narrowed again.

in the absence of a fundamental improvement in global crude oil demand, the international oil price fell to $100 last night, and NYMEX October crude oil futures ended at $100.87. US $100 is a very critical barrier for international crude oil. If the integer barrier of US $100 is broken at one stroke, the bull market complex in the minds of investors will collapse, and the sharp decline of bulk commodities will not be able to be cleaned up quickly. At present, the US dollar index is in a state of anxiety when it reaches the 80 integer level, and there is pressure to make a breakthrough upward

today, the trend of the Shanghai oil 811 contract was basically stable, and the volatility has narrowed for the second consecutive trading day. Short funds began to withdraw from the market and transfer to the 812 contract. The trading volume continued to shrink to 188624 hands. We welcome the assistance of industry elite enterprises. This meeting also significantly reduced

in terms of spot goods: the sluggish external oil price has dampened the enthusiasm of traders in the South China fuel oil market to hold goods. Some traders have repeatedly lowered their inventories, but buyers are watching steadily under the mentality of buying up rather than buying down. The price of 180CST for import mix adjustment is 49 yuan, which can help injection molding companies and other processors to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The transaction price has fallen steadily by 20 yuan. There is a high premium between spot and futures. When the delivery period is approaching, there are concerns about the power of short speculation

what Shanghai fuel oil is most concerned about today is that the main contract of railway cooperation receives a small positive line with a long shadow line. After a serious oversold, Shanghai fuel oil may have a demand for rebound. In terms of operation: Shanghai fuel oil short order reduction, focusing on the support of crude oil at $100

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