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Jinrui Futures: Shanghai oil opened low and went high. Pay attention to the EIA inventory data tonight

as the market generally expects that OPEC will maintain the same output and the threat of Hurricane "Ike" to oil facilities will be reduced, the international oil price continued to fall last night. The decline of more than $3 in New York and London made the oil price close to the integer level of $100

the sharp drop in international oil prices last night put pressure on Shanghai oil. In the morning, Shanghai oil opened sharply lower at 4280, and then rose to close at 4354. The settlement price fell by 59 points, or 1.34%. The trading volume of main contracts reached the highest peak in history, 5-sample surface; 328816 hands, but the position decreased by 1060 hands to 45572 hands, indicating that there are a lot of speculative forces in the fuel oil futures market. Today, the speculative forces are backhanded, making Shanghai fuel oil finally close a long physical positive line

spot: since September, the outer market oil price has continued to decline. Although buyers' purchasing pace is weak, the inversion of the cost of imported oil has been relatively reduced. In addition, the remaining inventory in the month mainly producing mineral refined copper, electrolytic refined copper and ordinary copper materials is small. It is expected that the import frequency of importers in the future Huangpu fuel oil spot market may accelerate

EIA will release us oil inventory data last week tonight. Analysts predict that oil inventory data will decrease, which will benefit crude oil. So as to provide rising kinetic energy for Shanghai fuel

operation suggestions: Shanghai Fuel Oil Co., Ltd. should wait and see for the reduction of empty orders in the early stage

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