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Jinwei machinery will bring a variety of molding equipment to K exhibition. From October 19 to 26, the 20th Germany Dusseldorf International Plastics and rubber Expo (hereinafter referred to as K exhibition) will be held in Dusseldorf international exhibition hall. K exhibition is the largest international exhibition in the world plastic and rubber industry exhibition. Each exhibition will attract many professional manufacturers and purchasers from all over the world

at that time, Jinwei machinery will present the latest products and technologies to customers all over the world

new high-speed small caliber bellows forming machine developed by Jinwei machinery

new high-speed small caliber bellows forming machine

is suitable for manufacturing od double wall and single wall bellows. At present, the speed of small-diameter bellows equipment in the Chinese market is generally low, generally at 5m/min. For this reason, Jinwei has summarized its experience in the field of bellows equipment for many years, and combined with its own characteristics, developed a new small-diameter bellows production line with a production speed of no less than 10m/min, which can better serve customers and the growing market

jwz-bm30sn-c hollow forming machine

is applicable to the production of L various chemical packaging barrels. It adopts a continuous extruder head and an up blowing structure, which is convenient for the automatic edge removal and flying power system of stacking barrels: it adopts special motor for edge conveying, product leak detection, conveying, packaging, etc; Hydraulic servo drive and Siemens man-machine control system are adopted to reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency

sheet testing machine

the sheet testing machine equipped with a dager multi-component feeding system has a higher degree of automation and more comprehensive functions than previous generations of models, enabling customers to obtain more accurate and reliable experimental data during use

at the same time, the basic equipment and components such as high-yield single screw host, conventional cone dual host, flat dual host, plate flat die head and roller will be exhibited in this exhibition, reflecting the strength of Jinwei's full placement in an aluminum alloy box

in addition, PP honeycomb panel production line, waterproof coiled material line, wood plastic quick loading wallboard, imitation marble panel production line, etc. are all products with impressive sales in the Chinese market in recent years, and are also the characteristic products that Jinwei will present in the global market. Jinwei will give full play to its advantages in large-scale processing equipment and technology, do a good job in every product, and get more support from users with quality, speed and service

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